Sunday is often viewed as a day of rest and on Sundays I reflect on things. Therefore, I have created what I like to call “The Character of the Day.” Every Sunday I’ll update this page with one character and open the discussion to you. Say what you feel about the character. Open yourself up and help take the character to another level beyond the anime. Try to go beyond the simple facts.

Without further ado… I introduce the Character of the Day!

Illyasviel Von Einzbern

I’ll normally post three questions to get you guys thinking, otherwise have fun.

1) Illya started out as an adversary in Fate/Stay Night. Her relevancy was never in question even after her defeat. Her popularity carried over into Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya where she takes on the role of a Magical Girl. Therefore, how do you explain the evolution of Illya’s character from Fate/Stay Night to Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya?

2) By blending together the magical girl genre and aspects of the Fate Series, Fate/kaleid Prisma Illya serves as a spinoff with Illya in the spotlight. But, does the magical girl genre and aspects of the Fate Series successfully blend together, and make Illya a more meaningful character? In other words, can fans of magical girl anime and fans of the Fate Series rally behind Illya?

3) In the summer, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz! will premiere. Interesting enough “Herz” is German for Heart. When it comes to heartfelt characters does Illya fit the criteria and can she continue to captivate audiences? Or does something continue to hold her back and does she fall into the category of a generic character?

Next Sunday The Character of the Day is… Goku!


Hello again, today’s Character of the Day is Goku and I’ll open up with the following questions.

1) When you think about it. During the Saiyan Saga Goku allowed Vegeta to escape. During the Namek Saga he did not eliminate Frieza and during the Cell Saga he was not able to defeat Cell. With that as food for thought I ask: Is Goku overrated? Explain Why or Why not?

2) With the emergence of the recent film Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods, and it getting a sequel called Fukkatsu no F. (Translated as Resurrection of F) Explain how has Goku and Dragon Ball Z remained relevant? In other words, how has Goku and Dragon Ball Z withstood the tests of time?

3) How do you define Goku’s legacy? In other words, what will be your lasting impression of Goku?

Next Sunday The Character of the Day is… “Twilight” Suzuka


What’s up everyone? Well, today our character of the day is “Twilight” Suzuka. The following three questions are meant to get everyone thinking, but don’t feel pressured to answer them. Feel free to just openly comment on what you think about Suzuka.

1) “Twilight” Suzuka is a master assassin and she kills her targets under the setting sun. She earned the reputation of being deadly at Twilight. With that added mystique and lone wolf demeanor, do you consider her one of the best anime assassins of all time? Explain why or why not?

2) How would you value her role in the Outlaw Star Crew? In other words, explain how important she was and what she had to offer?

3) Given that much of her past was unknown, what are some lingering questions you have about “Twilight” Suzuka?

For example: I wonder how did she become a master assassin and if she taught herself swordsmanship or was she trained by someone?


Next Sunday The Character of the Day is… Genjo Sanzo


It’s Sunday and you all know what that means. Time to talk about our Character of The Day. Get your pistols and cigarettes ready because we’re talking about Genjo Sanzo.

1) Believe it or not Sanzo is a Buddhist priest. But, Sanzo smokes whenever he wants to and he’ll curse up a storm. He’s eaten meat with some fine wine, and advocated violence by firing off his gun. Sanzo has broken the mold and does not conform to the notion of being a conventional priest. With that being said, do you think Sanzo is a dynamic character?

2) Sanzo shoulders the burden of making sure his companions stay safe. However, Goku and Sanzo share an unbreakable bond that stems from Sanzo’s previous life. I like to believe that Goku serves as Sanzo’s own personal cross to bear. Explain, how would Sanzo react if he was to lose Goku?

3) Sanzo and his companions are traveling west in order to stop the resurrection of the Demon King Gyumaoh. Their journey is a long treacherous one filled with personal strife and many enemies. Therefore which do you think is more important to Sanzo: Stopping the resurrection of Gyumaoh? Or does the journey itself take precedence and becomes more important to Sanzo?

Next Sunday The Character of the Day is… Miyu


The Vampire Princess is our Character of The Day. On this Sunday, Miyu will play our final requiem on her flute and continue to observe the decline of humanity.

1) In the OVA, Miyu has a child-like, manipulative, and playful, demeanor; which in stark contrast Miyu has a more mature, reclusive, calm, and indifferent demeanor in the TV series. Therefore, I ask which character traits best fit Vampire Princess Miyu and explain why Miyu’s character has been explored so thoroughly in two mediums? (The OVA had 4 episodes and the TV series had 26 episodes)

2) Miyu’s signature kimono and ribbons that elegantly drape from her hair and foot respectively make her character design legendary for all cosplayers. I’ve caught myself staring endlessly into her golden eyes and envisioning her flames cradled in her hands. Therefore, do you believe Miyu’s appearance exemplifies Japanese Aesthetics and does that compliment her mission to hunt down all shinma and send them back to the darkness?

3) Miyu’s destiny as the “Guardian” is one of sorrow and everlasting loneliness. Miyu’s loyal companions Larva and Shiina only serve to make Miyu’s existence tolerable. Miyu’s mission to send all the shinma back to the darkness forces Miyu to witness just how weak the human heart is. Humans that are too far gone and have no reason to live are given the gift of happiness. Miyu by giving humans happiness places humans in an endless fantasy more tragic than death. Which brings me to my question… Does Miyu believe humans are beyond salvation? Explain why or why not.

Next Sunday The Character of The Day is… Ioryogi (Wait is that a plushie?! So, kawaii!!!!!)


Happy Easter! Everyone I hope your spending time with your families and friends. But, without further ado I present our Character of The Day: Ioryogi!

1) Ioryogi supported Kobato through thick and thin. There was nothing Ioryogi wouldn’t do for Kobato. Ioryogi as a loveable plush toy was Kobato’s dearest friend and mentor. Therefore, explain how do you value Ioryogi’s loyalty and do you consider him as one of the most loyal supporting characters of anime? Feel free to suggest other loyal supporting characters when answering.

2) Ioryogi had a point system that graded Kobato’s success. Ioryogi was very quick to deduce Kobato’s grade, but in the end he always found a way to teach Kobato that the grades were a means to encourage her. Kobato always did her best thanks in part to Ioryogi. Do you think Ioryogi’s point system can be applied in the real world? Give examples.

3) Ioryogi has a temper and is not afraid to display his burning rage. Unfortunately it has never been revealed what Ioryogi is truly capable of. So, I ask all of you. What kind of power do you think Ioryogi has? I for one like to think he was a war beast capable of burning cities and sending souls to eternal damnation. But, that’s me. So, I leave all of you to imagine and in other words… What do you think Ioryogi was like before he was a plush toy?

Next Sunday the Character of The Day is… Suigintou


Father’s first Rozen Maiden Doll is our Character of the Day. By the way, Suigintou is not junk!

1) How would you characterize Suigintou and her hatred of Shinku?

2) Suigintou has a tragic past and she strongly desires the love of her “Father.” Despite being incomplete she will do anything to win the Alice Game. When she finally gained a Rozen Mystica she refused to depend on anyone and swore allegiance only to herself. Upon meeting Megu in Rozen Maiden Träumend, Suigintou became softened. When Megu called her an “Angel” Suigintou felt compassion for someone other than her “Father.” Therefore I ask, have you ever felt sympathy for Suigintou and explain what kind of angel Suigintou is?

3) The Alice Game is cruel and there can only be one winner. Only one of Father’s children can become Alice and Suigintou has wholeheartedly accepted her destiny. With that being said, have you ever wondered what would it be like if Suigintou was to emerge victorious? I have on numerous occasions.

In one scenario I have Suigintou Vs. Shinku in one final battle. They are located in a ruined castle and the remains of fallen Rozen Maidens are scattered about. The two remaining dolls are standing across from each other and preparing for battle. Raining down into the castle are rose pedals and black feathers. Father is watching to see who will become his daughter and then they clash.

Of course Suigintou and Shinku fight with fierce determination. Suigintou manages to gain the upper hand and with Shinku on the verge of defeat Suigintou looks into Shinku’s eyes. Suigintou cries out, “I’m not Junk! I’m Alice!” and delivers the final blow.

With that being said feel free to share your own scenario of Suigintou winning the Alice Game. I encourage you to use your imagination and describe the final encounter in full detail. Who is she facing? What’s the setting? How does Suigintou emerge victorious?

Okay, those are the three questions with the third being something more creative. Again, the questions are a way to make you feel comfortable or give you an idea of what to say. Otherwise, you can openly share your thoughts on Suigintou while enjoying this wonderful character music.

Next Sunday the Character of The Day is… Souther.


The Holy Emperor and the only master of The South Dipper Fenghuang Phoenix Fist has graced us all with his presence. On this Sunday Souther shines brightly as he represents the Star of Leadership.

1) Souther after killing his sensei vowed to renounce all feelings of love and compassion. He used child labor to construct the Holy Cross Mausoleum and he enshrined his deceased sensei within the Mausoleum. Therefore, my question to you is: How do you define Souther’s strength and what do you think drove Souther to rule over the land as the Holy Emperor?

2) Kenshiro could not defeat Souther until he figured out his secret. Souther was unbeatable because he was immune to Hokuto Shinken techniques and with the Heaven-Soaring Cross Phoenix stance he had Kenshiro on the brink of death. The secret to his immunity was due to the fact that his organs and pressure points were reversed. When Kenshiro finally figured out this secret he was able to defeat Souther. I believe Souther’s organs and pressure points being reversed was an amazing twist. Souther proved to be an adversary that stood in the way of Raoh’s ambition and Souther prevented the showdown between the Hokuto brothers with his presence. With that being said, do you think Souther’s special condition of having reversed organs and pressure points was clever or cheap? Please Explain your reasoning.

3) I often compare Souther to Ozymandias and I like to think Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poem would adequately capture the Holy Emperor in his final moments before his death. If you think about it he was the “King of Kings” among the Nanto Successors because none of them could defeat him. In the end, none of the Nanto Successors lived and nothing of Nanto Seiken remains as the Holy Cross Mausoleum was reduced to ruin. Much like Ozymandias’ works that were reduced to a “Colossal Wreck”—I would say everything Souther built was reduced to a “Colossal Wreck” as the sand stretches far away. When Souther died Nanto died… With that being said, I wonder what other kings do you compare Souther with? Please explain your reasons behind comparing Souther with the king of your choice.

Next Sunday The Character of The Day is… Kanetsugu Naoe


Our “Warrior of Love & Justice” Kanetsugu Naoe is The Character of The Day.

1) I’ll start by asking everyone: What is your ideal warrior and does Kanetsugu even come close to what you want in a warrior? Kanetsugu carries a huge megaton hammer and when she drops the hammer she often leaves craters in her wake. Despite being goofy, pompous, and foolish Kanetsugu just wants to be respected. Whenever she puts her mind to something she does not waiver and her loyalty is her greatest attribute. In many ways Kanetsugu is like a dog and her stubbornness is only matched by her enthusiasm to defend “Love & Justice.”

2) Kanetsugu often brags about her skills and that usually gets her into trouble. According to most of the other Samurai Girls, (especially Yukimura) Kanetsugu is considered to be the expendable loud mouth of the group. With that being said, do you like Kanetsugu for being overconfident and not knowing her own limitations? Or are you agreeing with the notion that she’s all talk and she should know when to shut up?

3) Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls/Bride has plenty of fanservice, but Kanetsugu will often be at the center of it all. As a perfect comic relief character and loveable loser Kanetsugu will often be bullied by most of the other Samurai Girls. She literally sleeps in a dog house… Nevertheless, I often find myself feeling sorry for her. Kanetsugu is belittled and underestimated. She may be goofy and klutzy, but she means well most of the time and what she lacks in brains she makes up for it with beauty. When she finally became a Master Samurai I was celebrating and it was one of the most rewarding moments in the anime. For fans who watched her struggle to get respect it was amazing to see her become a Master Samurai. Her new found power proved instrumental to achieving victory and she finally got some love.

So, I wonder does anyone else feel sympathy for Kanetsugu like I do and wish she gets some more respect? Please explain your answer and feel free to share your favorite Kanetsugu moments. My favorite moment is when she became a Master Samurai.

For those who collect figurines check out The Kanetsugu Naoe Master Samurai Figure By Penguin Parade.

Next Sunday The Character of The Day is… Keima Katsuragi (What Dating Sim game your playing, now?)


Playing Dating Simulation Games have never been easier for “The Capturing God” and Keima Katsuragi joins us as our Character of The Day.

1) Keima Katsuragi has been heralded as a “God” and he’s not your typical otaku. When he locks himself in his room Keima plays up to six games at the same time. His mastery over girls in the virtual world is undisputed and Keima has exceptional analytical skills. He’s able to decipher different girl archetypes and that leads me to ask; do you consider Keima as the ultimate virtual playboy? Explain why or why not.

2) Keeping in mind that Keima applies his Dating Simulation knowledge to actually build real bonds with real girls. Keima has been nothing short of remarkable whenever he plans a route to getting a girl to lower her guard. He closes the deal with any girl with a heartwarming moment that usually ends with a kiss. Elsie and Haqua respect his ability to “capture” girls and they capture the loose souls within the girls. After Keima fulfills his end of the bargain he returns to his handheld PFP and Elsie and Haqua are like sisters. They are constantly trying to keep him from being too disconnected with reality and they show a genuine concern for his wellbeing. The introduction of the six goddesses raises the stakes and with them being locked away within the girls that Keima had previously won over its Elise and Haqua providing additional support.

Therefore, does the relationship between Keima and his two spirit hunters (Elsie and Haqua) prove to be just as valuable as the relationships Keima develops with the girls that fall in love with him?

3) Where do you rank Keima’s catchphrase, “I can see the ending” among other noteworthy anime catchphrases? Please share your favorite catchphrases when explaining your answer.

Next Sunday The Character of The Day is… Ran Kotobuki


Don’t forget today is Mother’s Day! On this special Sunday Ran Kotobuki is The Character of The Day. Ran can be a mother’s worst nightmare with her poor performance in school and compulsive shopping or eating habits. Ran is not perfect and she’ll tell you that herself. The Number One Gal of Shibuya does look deep within herself and constantly strides for self-improvement. Ran serves as an inspiration to others by defending justice and standing up for what she believes in. Super GALS is definitely one of my favorite anime of all time because it taught me about a specific culture in Japan and epitomizes the GAL way of life.

1) Ran comes from a family full of police officers and Ran thought she could escape that lifestyle by living the GAL life. She was a full fledge GAL and ruled the streets of Shibuya. Her brunette (some may say orange) hair featured a streak of red and she kept up with all the latest fashion trends. She inspired others to follow her footsteps and naturally stood up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves. By the end of the series she becomes what she swore she wouldn’t become—A Police Officer. The whole nature vs. nurture argument can be made here.

Was Ran nurtured by her family to become a police officer? Or was it just her natural inclination to become a police officer, because she always wanted to serve and protect the weak? Explain your answer.

2) Ran never did her homework, but she told her teachers some farfetched story which ended up getting her into more trouble. For the most part Ran was an underachiever in school and only excelled in physical education. The running gag was if she redirected her focus from food or shopping into studying she’d actually do pretty well. Ran’s underachieving school life never brought her down and Ran’s willpower allowed her to graduate. But, that leads me to wonder do you think Ran’s lack of interest in school actually helped her succeed as a Super GAL?

3) Ran will do anything for her friends Miyu and Aya. Ran’s loyalty to her friends goes without question. She was a leader and constant motivator. She supported her friends and knew how to cheer them up. Ran’s confidence comes from having her friends alongside her. She’ll stand up to anyone who dares try to mess with them and despite having her flaws she wants to grow into a better person by following her friends. I dare say she trusts her life to her friends.

This final question demands you to look at you own circle of friends and ask yourself… Are any of them like Ran Kotobuki? Explain why or why not, and do you need a Ran Kotobuki like friend in your life?

Next Sunday The Character of The Day is… Kane Blueriver


The hero of the Lost Universe Kane Blueriver is the Character of The Day.

1) Kanzaka is best known for The Slayers and Lina Inverse’s adventures are without a doubt legendary. However, somewhat underrated and often times forgotten is Lost Universe—an anime that features Kane Blueriver and his friends defending the universe from the evils of the Nightmare Syndicate. How would you compare Kane Blueriver to Lina Inverse? Do you see similarities or any key differences?

2) Stargazer lead the Nightmare Syndicate and his grip on the universe was unyielding. Prior to the events of the anime Stargazer killed Kane’s grandmother and what was thought to be destroyed or lost was in fact found by Kane. The “Lost Ship” that Kane inherited from his grandmother was known as Swordbreaker and the ship’s computer was an adorable girl name Canal. Together Kane and Canal were joined by Millie a young girl who prides herself on being the best in the universe. This trio challenge the Nightmare Syndicate and attempt to bring peace to the universe. During their adventures they learn the true meaning of friendship and self-esteem. When Kane faces off against Stargazer vengeance drives his actions and vengeance would have consumed him if it wasn’t for Millie and Canal. When it was revealed that Millie was in fact Stargazer’s daughter Kane looked deep within his heart and found additional strength.

So, did Kane love Millie and fight for her until the very end? Explain why or why not.

3) Kane Blueriver despite being a hero often has a goofy demeanor and there were plenty of comedic moments during Lost Universe. But, when Kane Blueriver was providing advice to young kids as they played basketball, Kane’s famous words were…

“If you don’t shoot, you can’t score.”-Kane Blueriver

How do you define Kane’s philosophy and explain how can it be applied to real life?

Is that a light saber? No, but the Psi-Blade is Kane’s weapon of choice whenever he’s in battle. In order to wield the Psi-Blade the user must have incredible mental strength.

Next Sunday The Character of The Day is… Alphard


Alphard is a skilled mercenary and the beautiful leader of an organization called Snake. On Memorial Day weekend our Character of the Day is the original Canaan.

1) When Alphard was once Siam’s apprentice she was known as Canaan and her skills were unquestionably deadly. When she and Canaan joined Siam on a mission to hijack an armored military train containing the Ua virus Alphard betrayed her teammates. It was revealed their client order her to kill them both. Her fighting prowess and ruthless aggression has granted Alphard many riches at the expense of killing Siam and having Canaan as a sworn enemy.

Therefore I ask you what do you think motivated Alphard to betray Siam and Canaan? Do you think she sold out or bought in? Please explain your answer.

2) Liang Qi serves Alphard with an unhealthy devotion and considers her as an elder sister. Liang Qi obsesses over Alphard while claiming to be in love with her. Alphard ignores Liang Qi’s affection and even belittles her. Do you think Alphard by ignoring and spurning Liang Qi motivated her to kill Canaan and if you think so, would you consider Alphard as a master manipulator?

3) Look at the following picture.

This was the final scene in Canaan that displayed Maria looking at two photographs. The one on the left is Alphard and on the right is Canaan. This is Maria’s photo gallery and all the photographs are her memories and how she interprets them. She calls these two portraits: Canaan and my interpretation as to why she called the two portraits Canaan was to illustrate a very complex point.

The complex point that neither of them can claim they are the single or definitive Canaan. In fact, Maria is urging them both to acknowledge each other as Canaan.

Okay, now that I shared my interpretation…

I would like to know how do you interpret the portrait and what was Maria thinking?

Remember, Alphard chose to discard the name “Canaan” and thereby she discarded the vestiges of her past. I would like for you guys to also think about how would Alphard feel about this portrait.

Next Sunday The Character of The Day is… Saitō Hajime


On the last day of May “The Wolf of Mibu” and former third squad captain of the Shinsengumi is the Character of The Day. Beware of Saitō’s “Gatotsu” sword technique…

1) Saitō Hajime serves as a deadly rival to Kenshin. When Saitō arranged to meet up with Kenshin he revealed their last bout was ten years ago. Since then, Kenshin declares that Saitō has changed and discarded his honor because Saitō used dirty tactics. Kenshin claimed that the old Saitō would never resort to cheap tricks and has grown rotten. Tactics such as severely injuring Sanosuke in order to send a warning or sending a dog like Akamatsu to ambush Kenshin are met with disgust. Kenshin knows Saitō is not the man he once knew.

However, Saitō retorts by saying that the Shinsengumi knew the power of the Battousai, and yet Kenshin struggled against the lowly Akamatsu. Saitō also pointed out how Kenshin has constantly allowed his enemies to endanger his loved ones. In short, Saitō knows that Kenshin has grown weaker and claims that ten years has made Kenshin rotten with self-righteous justice. Saitō knows Kenshin has prohibited himself from killing those who need to die and Saitō was sent to test Kenshin’s strength.

Therefore my question is… Did Saitō long to return to the days of battling against the Battousai version of Kenshin? If so, explain Saitō’s motivation?

2) Do you agree with Saitō’s belief of “swift death to evil” and explain how that contradicts Kenshin’s oath of never killing again?

3) Behind Saitō’s cold and calculating demeanor lies a sense of pride and obligation to justice. However, Saitō’s justice is death to all those who are evil and he firmly believes that his sword is meant to purge the world of evil.

I always found Saitō’s “Gatotsu” sword technique to be awesome because he points the blade directly at you. I believe in the moments before Saitō strikes he attempts to see through you and what you stand for. In a sense Saitō is judge, jury, and executioner and that becomes very clear when he kills Usui. Saitō remains true to his stance and style because he’s a indomitable warrior. Nothing can change what he believes in. When Usui questions how long can Saitō remain true to what he believes in Saitō response was, “Until I die, of course.”

Note: He works for the Meiji Government as a spy because that best suits his agenda.

Explain have you ever believed or fought for something so strongly that you were willing to die for it?

Announcement: I’ll be taking a break for the month of June and possibly July. I haven’t hammered out the details, but for the month of June I won’t be updating the Character of The Day.

Instead I am recommitting my focus on more reviews and more opinion pieces that really attempt to get some good discussion going.

I also, have a fun project I’m working on that will cross over two animes in a fun creative way.

I’m planning on doing reviews for Kill La Kill, Golden Time, Cross Ange, Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren’t they?, and The World God Only Knows: Goddesses. I’m going one episode at a time with these shows, but your patience will be rewarded.

In the immediate future I plan on posting The Sayonara to The Characters of May and my first impression of Brynhildr In The Darkness.