What exactly about the anime I am reviewing:

1) Story
2) Characters
3) Artwork
4) Voice Acting
5) Music
6) Intangibles

Reviews take a lot of thought and I want to give each anime I review legit scores. I like to point out that an anime can get an rating of Excellent, Good, Adequate, Mediocre, Inadequate and Poor.

An excellent anime means it was meaningful, it touches you emotionally, and what little flaws it has are forgiven. An excellent anime will get a ten out of ten all the time, but everyone knows how rare this is. (10)

A good anime means it did a solid job, but there are flaws that hold it back. We still respect it, but we will never call it excellent. Good anime will get a grade anywhere between a nine or eight. (9-8)

Adequate anime means it is average. It’s not bad, but it’s not good either. The anime makes sense and we follow along because it holds out attention. Adequate anime play it too safe and leave us wanting more. Adequate anime will get a grade anywhere between a seven or six. (7-6)

Mediocre anime means it had potential, but it just disappointed us. In a sense, it had the framework for an excellent anime, but it hit too many bumps, did not give us a clear story, or characters were not flushed out. Inadequate anime are usually the ones that we watch, and say: “Man what went wrong?” Then we give it a five because we feel like it was halfway there. (5)

Inadequate anime are lackluster and they do not do enough to stand out. We feel there is room for improvement. These are the anime that continue to fall short because concepts, characters, or the story itself feels scattered. Inadequate anime will get a four or three. (4-3)

Poor anime are the worst of the worst. Nothing went right for the anime and you just wish it never happened in the first place. The best thing you do when you finish watching a bad anime is try to forget it all together. Poor anime will get a two or one. (2-1)