In a recent interview with Anime News Network the Director of Kill La Kill Hiroyuki Imaishi explained that originally the cast was supposed to be all male. Interesting, huh? I’m glad they went with a balance of male and female characters.

Satsuki Kiryuin and Ryuko Matoi are great characters and they raised the bar for what to expect in an action anime. The intense rivalry between the two of them will be hard to forget and it was a special moment when they put aside their differences to fight a greater evil.

In my opinion what made their rivalry and eventual alliance impactful was the fact that they were ass kicking girls. Satsuki’s leadership by any means necessary and Ryuko’s rebellious nature was refreshing to watch.

I like how the female characters are powerful, but do not dismiss the men of Nudist Beach and the male members of the Elite Four.

For example, Gamagori served as Lady Satsuki’s impenetrable shield and his personality matches his role as Disciplinary Chair. If anything Sangayama was the most successful member of the Elite Four with a victory over Ryuko. Inumuta’s hacking skills proved quite useful and Mikisugi and Tsumugu had DTR’s!

Studio Trigger should be proud of Kill La Kill. It was an entertaining slugfest that feels completely original. If you’re interested, read the full Anime News Network’s interview with Studio Trigger’s Directors Hiroyuki Imaishi (Kill La Kill) and Yoh Yoshinari (Little Witch Academia)

The Welcome to Honnouji Academy Arc

What was the curriculum at Honnouji Academy?

Kill La Kill begins with a simple revenge plot as Ryuko Matoi comes to Honnouji Academy in search of her father’s killer. Ryuko travels with one half of a scissor blade and she can hold her own in a fight. What makes Honnouji Academy special is students are wearing Goku Uniforms (Goku Seifuku) and these combat uniforms enhance a person’s physical capabilities because they are made with life fibers.

What are life fibers? Life fibers are alien fabrics that feed on living organisms.

Even with Senketsu Ryuko is not overpowered and has to learn how to harness the power of her Kamui. She gradually gets stronger and suffers crushing defeats. Her best friend Mako Mankanshoku understands Ryuko and is there for her no matter what. Mako’s humorous scenes give fans a break from the action. Hallelujah indeed!

If you’re wondering what’s a Kamui? Well, it’s only the best uniform ever because it’s made completely of life fibers and Senketsu is a sentient being with emotions.

Ryuko wearing Senketsu and less is more.

The Honnouji Academy arc features the first clash between Satsuki and Ryuko. It was such an engaging fight.

The animation throughout Kill La Kill can be a topic of controversy. For me, the action scenes were magnificent in their own unique way. Now, when you go into the comedy scenes it’s clearly bad animation, but that’s why I found it funny. Some people might not find the comedy routines funny since they hate the animation quality.

The fanservice is actually woven into the plot and most fanservice scenes in Kill La Kill carry significant meaning, but some viewers might be overwhelmed.

The musical themes for every character added extra characterization and Kill La Kill has one of the best soundtracks to date.

I’ll jump right into the Battle Royal and Ryuko had to face each Elite Four member one by one. I’ll say these battles were all unique and those upgrade moments as Ryuko and Senketsu are getting stronger feel triumphant. Senketsu Shippu has to be my favorite.

I want to be a jet!

Without a doubt the fight between Jakuzure and Ryuko was intense. Jakuzure’s attack repertoire included Beethoven’s classical masterpiece and yet she still lost because Ryuko claimed the music sounded like ass! Who am I to doubt our hero’s tastes in music, right? Besides, let’s use another upgrade Senketsu Mubyoshi! That’s right; we play our own damn music and cancel out Beethoven with some kickass J-Rock.

The Honnouji Academy Arc gives us flashbacks into the Elite Four and why they are invaluable members of Satsuki’s entourage. The gloomy ending to this arc and the introduction of Nui Harime certainly shocked the mess out of me.

Kill La Kill allows the audience to rally around Ryuko and the good guys. The plot is silly and over the top. Don’t take it too seriously and just be entertained.

Here are some memorable quotes from Lady Satsuki and Kill La Kill is full of great lines.

Satsuki loves tea.



The School’s Raid Trip Arc!

Make a move I dare you.

Round two of Ryuko vs. Satsuki doesn’t disappoint. The standoff between these two opposing forces highlights what Kill La Kill is capable of. I like how Ryuko and Satsuki unleashed hell upon Osaka, but their clashing ideals actually impacted me the most. The dialogue these two exchanged hit harder than any blow. In the end both sides agreed to retreat and live to fight another day.

The takeover of Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe was fun and if you want to find the most humor look no further than Takarada. He was equipped with the best Gold-Mecha Crab money could buy and Sangayama handled him with creative usage of a kendo stick. I enjoyed how everything was set into motion and the simple revenge plot changes dramatically.

Kill La Kill raises the stakes and Ryuko joined Nudist Beach in the fight to save humanity from life fibers and Ragyo Kiryuin.

I’ll add that the Elite Four keeps getting upgrades to their uniforms and that displays their character growth.

Satsuki’s Rebellion & Evil Ryuko?!

Kill La Kill was never dull because they took numerous chances and having Satsuki wait until the time was right to strike was wonderful. When Satsuki explained her motivation behind stabbing her mother in the back the audience witnessed the humanization of Satsuki Kiryuin. The goal of Honnouji Academy shows Satsuki’s great genius as a military leader. Every student was like an armed solider, but the biggest mistake Satsuki did was trying to control Ryuko. Satsuki ended up apologizing for that.

Stabbing Suckas in the back like a boss!

The idea of making Ryuko the bad guy for awhile was another daring move. The execution of putting Junketsu on Ryuko can be a little sloppy and covering it up with a sexy Yuri scene doesn’t help. However, the way Evil Ryuko’s personality was mostly intact and how she fought for the bad guys was a solid change of pace. Satsuki puts on Senketsu and the role reversal worked like a charm. Mako and the power of friendship brought Ryuko back to her senses as Nui paid a heavy price. Remember don’t make Ryuko put on shit she doesn’t want to wear!

The Nightmare Face

The Final Battle & My Final Verdict!

Reminds me of when the Grinch partook in the Christmas feast with the Whos of Whoville.

Ryuko and Satsuki worked together with some Kingdom Hearts like action and they blow up the primordial life fiber with a little help from the Great Naked Dagger!

Ryuko makes this declarative statement against Ragyo’s tyranny, “PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE AND CLOTHES ARE CLOTHES!”

The level of heroism was amazing during the final battle. What resonates so deeply is how far Ryuko has come and in the final showdown her resolve was amazing.

When the curtain closes everyone is returning to a normal life and we see Satsuki with a haircut. But, I strongly suggest watching the special episode and it’ll be a graduation ceremony you’ll never forget.

Ryuko and Senketsu are neither human nor clothing, but at the same time they are both human and clothing and everything else! That’s how they roll!

Some of my major gripes with Kill La Kill were how they handled Nui and Ragyo. Nui sacrificing herself seemed undeserving of her character and Ragyo performing a Mortal Kombat Fatality on herself was a salty move if you ask me.

Kill La Kill breaks the mold with style! Ragyo says, “la vie est drôle” (life is amusing) and Kill La Kill brings amusement in the form of non-stop craziness. Remember “Don’t Lose Your Way!” and it’s okay to be different since that’s exactly what Kill La Kill set out to accomplish.

Score/Grade: 8/10 (Good)

Fun and Original

Story Feel Fulfilling Without Getting Too Serious

Characters Have Distinctive Personalities

Great Action

The Soundtrack Was Amazing

Animation Can Stir Controversy

Fanservice Maybe Too Much For Some Viewers

Nui and Ragyo’s Unworthy Demises