Originally when Death Note aired I was in high school. I was a skeptic and decided not to watch it, even though all my friends were. I just didn’t like the premise. Death Note sounded ludicrous to me.

Writing down someone’s name in a book and then that person dies is not only overpowered, but how are you going to stretch that to thirty-seven episodes?

One of my closest friends has encouraged me to watch Death Note for a while now. But, I just never got around to doing it.

This was extra motivation for me to watch Death Note for the first time.

• I’ll be honest the first three episodes of Death Note lay the groundwork exceptionally well. But, nothing really hype worthy has happened yet.

• It’s interesting enough to keep watching since it’s a psychological thriller blended with a detective drama/murder mystery.

• Maybe it’s the amazing soundtrack that creates the illusion of greatness. When Light was writing down names at a relentless pace that music was edgy and godlike.

• Death Note has a lot of thematic meat and viewers might get overwhelmed. Morality, Justice, God Complex, and Corruption are themes that Death Note covers with a heavy hand.

• The themes being explored carry the anime since the major characters feel excessively complex to the point that they are unreliable. What I mean by “unreliable” is that you cannot take them at face value and their complexity makes them unpredictable.

• For example, Light Yagami would fall under the category of The Madman.

• He once was an honor student and his life was progressing smoothly, but deep down his resentment toward how unjust the world is was slowly eating away at him.

• But, when exactly did killing one criminal on TV turn into mass murdering every criminal and becoming a God? I cannot expect Light to answer this question pertaining to when he transformed nor will he ever acknowledge his own mental state.

• That’s why Light is unreliable because I don’t know if obtaining the Death Note turned an ordinary honor student into a murderous God. How do I know for sure that Light before obtaining the Death Note didn’t always considered himself as a God? Was Light always on the brink of madness or was he corrupted by The Death Note and Ryuk?

• L is unreliable and would fall under the category of The Liar.

• L is the world’s greatest detective, but he’s shrouded in mystery and misrepresents himself by not showing his face and altering his voice. From what I’ve been told L’s obscurity allows him to think better as he hunts down Kira.

• But the audience cannot possibly know what is going on inside L’s labyrinthine mind and will he always play by the rules?

• The problem is I cannot relate to L and Light.

• They are way too complex and seem out of the realm of reality. I cannot rely on them to operate conventionally which to some is exactly why these characters are amazing, but for my tastes they are devoid of human empathy. They have no charm.

• L operates on structured justice and the law will take its course. While Light is more extreme and takes the law into his own hands.

• But, I saw that girl in the intro and wonder how is she caught up in everything?

• I HATE Light Yagami. (Guess my name goes down in the Death Note, right?)

• Light Yagami is a young and arrogant smartass.

• L was right to claim that Light has a “naive” sense of justice.

• Nothing is worse than someone who uses power irresponsibility.

• Light immediately lets the power go to his head. He claims he will become a God. Light will usher in a new peaceful world and he’s carrying out divine justice.

• Light’s rhetoric has already begun to sound like madness.

• Ryuk, The Death God gets the plot moving by dropping the Death Note into the human world. Why you ask? He was bored and wanted to see what kind of human will inherit such great power.

I can imagine some Creepypasta story revolving around this guy.

• Like Ryuk, I’m watching Death Note and decided not to choose a side. I just want to be entertained and I could go for a few apples which is clearly symbolic.

• The interaction between Ryuk and Light are full of good lines and it’s very interesting to see who’s really in control of things. If you ask me, Ryuk knows Light is full of vanity and wants to continue to push him further into madness. Light continues to dig himself deeper into a murderous hole and there is no turning back.

It may look like an ordinary Drawer and Diary… Seriously, couldn’t Light just keep it under the floorboard?

• It’s a race between L and Light as whoever can identify their rival first will kill him.

• Death Note wants the audience to question their own morality and side with either L or Light. Who’s really fighting for justice?

• L’s methods are indeed unconventional, but his willingness to think outside the box already has rattled Light.

• The Irresistible Force Paradox comes to mind when thinking of L and Light.

• It’s too convenient for Light’s father to be in charge of the Kira case.

• I’m not too thrilled over the “Shinigami Eyes” either since that’s a convenient power.

• The “Shinigami Eyes” make things too easy.

• Light by trading in half of his lifespan will obtain the power to actually see a person’s name and lifespan. Sounds like a last resort.

This wraps up my First Impression of Death Note. I’m not sold on it, but it does come across as thrilling and full of interesting themes. Feel free to share what you think of Death Note and what should I expect. Also, stay tune for a Review on Golden Time.