I’m going to try and do more first impressions. In theory, I’ll watch the first couple of episodes and then give my first impressions of the anime. The format will be bullet points since these are general notes that I’m taking. Some minor spoilers.

• The Plot was very well orchestrated and from the first episode the tension was very balanced with some lighter moments.

• I loved how Ryouta deduced that Kuroha did not know her multiplication tables which shows us that he’ll have to be the brains of the operation.

• However, the next scene featured Kuroha easily beating Ryouta in arm wrestling and he was shocked at how strong she is. She will definitely be the brawn and beauty of this anime with romance between her and Ryouta slowly developing.

• Also, Kuroha cannot read Kanji and I liked how Ryouta managed to save her from embarrassment.

• Speaking of saving people. We learn from Episode 2 that Kuroha is trying to save as many people as she can. She has a heroic nature and it gives her life meaning.

• I even loved her cute little superhero theme song she was singing before Ryouta caught her being girly for a change.

• Humanity vs. Witches has plenty of thematic potential. Episode 2 had a very terrible scene and I’ll just say it ended pretty bad for one of our witches.

• Until I get a better explanation of what a witch is I’ll call them mutants since I get an X-men vibe from this anime.

• By the way Kana is my favorite character so far. She’s like the Stephen Hawkins of anime. She’s completely paralyzed and oddly enough is dressed like a Rozen Maiden doll. She must talk via an electronic device and type in what she wants to say.

• Her special mutant powers allows her to see into the future and see when a person is going to die. Hence how Kuroha knew when Ryouta’s death was going to happen in the first episode.

• The goal of Kuroha getting involved with him in the first place was to prevent his death which Kana foresaw. Episode 2 shows that Kana reads the future and Kuroha goes out to save the day.

• The opening made me wonder if we are going to get a more serious harem that gives the audience substance. I mean, an opening with no lyrical music was impressive to see and the techno and strings combination worked well with the images shown.

• This opening makes me excited to watch this anime. (Rave On!)

• For the female characters their lives seem to be full of despair as they are implanted with some device in their central nervous system or spine.

• My Brother and I made an interesting theory. Perhaps these mutants are brought back from the dead or they are made with the genetic DNA of dead people. Which would explain why Kuroha looks like Kuroneko, but at the same time she’s not her.

• Kuroha might be a clone made from the long decease remains of Kuroneko.

• Brynhildr’s opening shows that either death or destruction awaits our magical mutants and our male lead will be in the middle of it.

• There will be a fight against a very powerful white haired magical mutant that will determine some serious stakes.

• When trying to introduce science fantasy and science fiction elements I hope not to be overwhelmed by the fanservice, but I do expect it. The first episode gave us a very sexy swimsuit scene as Kuroha cannot swim (Hint: Cats can’t swim either…)

• The boys at that school are really perverted. She nearly drowned and they are thinking about touching her boobs…

• The general plot is very interesting since it all begins with Ryouta who knew this girl from his childhood. Her name was Kuroneko and she believed in aliens. Ryouta fascinated with this wanted to see the aliens for himself and spend more time with his best friend. Kuroneko comes across as a mysterious child, but when she and him were crossing a dangerous ledge Ryouta falls. In an attempt to save him Kuroneko reaches out to grab his hand. They take a very nasty fall and Ryouta awakens to find out that his friend did not make it. He grows up with guilt and decides to fulfill their promise of proving aliens exist. He joined the astronomy club and as the lone member he looks up at the starry skies. He’s basically still depressed and living with guilt. He did a great job on his exams for NASA and he wants to become a researcher.

• One day, Kuroha the new girl in town comes in and she looks exactly like Kuroneko. Our main character literally gets freaked out and stands up in the middle of class demanding that Kuroha show her armpit. He was hoping Kuroha was Kuroneko since she had a very notable birthmark of three dots that formed a triangle on her armpit.

• So, to speed up the summary of episode one I’ll just say it was pretty cool how Kuroha’s magical abilities was revealed and the interactions between her and Ryouta was done with great attention to detail.

• As a very cute female lead, Kuroha makes me interested in learning more about the mystery behind who she is? What is she truly capable of and why can she use magic? What will her fate be and maybe she’s Kuroneko after all?

• Our Male Lead Ryouta Murakami comes across as an conventional male lead in a harem, but his deep rooted guilt for letting his childhood friend Kuroneko die gives him an extra boost. He has room to grow and he will be tested. In two episodes he comes off as bland and unknowingly has gotten himself involve in some deep trouble.

• My Favorite Character so far is Kana Tachibana

• Episode 2 introduced her very well and she loves cake in a blender.

• With the ability to foresee when a person will die Kana gives Kuroha a chance to save lives. I find it interesting because Kuroha and her escaped with other mutants. As a result they are forced to live in hiding from the human army and scientists that will kill them on sight.

• Anyone else that is seen with them will die too. Ryouta has gotten himself into some deep waters and it might be too late to swim back since he’s feeling more and more in love with Kuroha.

• He is questioning if those feelings are for Kuroneko.

• Episode 1: Was generally a smooth entrance into an interesting anime that has the potential to get really bloody and it may explore darker themes. I liked the tension this episode presented and it made me want to learn more. I found the interactions between Kuroha and Ryouta to be very well thought out and genuine. Not much flaws. But I do see some pitfalls down the road. For example, will the fanservice feel forced? I’m sure this show will give us some sexy situations, but will it serve its role and give us a break from the tension? So far, only time will tell. In addition, perhaps this anime is very ambitious in giving plenty of mysteries at risk of leaving the audience “in the darkness” for too long.

• That pun was 100 percent intended, come at me bro!

• Episode 2: Added a few more plotlines to get us moving forward and showed us how our mutants are going to be dealt with once captured. It explained the ability to see people’s deaths thanks to our new character Kana who instantly will inspire sympathy. With the army and scientists conducting a manhunt for Kana and Kuroha it’s just a matter of time before they are discovered. I like that Kana does not want to weight down Kuroha and encourages her to make the most out of life by actually going to school like a normal girl. Kuroneko’s dream was to one day see the ocean. Ryouta wants to show Kuroha the ocean as a means to honor his childhood friend and possibly try to confirm once and for all, if Kuroha really is Kuroneko. It’s really romantic, but it doesn’t feel forced either which is pretty good and it serves as an improvement from Elfen Lied. I’ll add that there are no wasted moments in this show so far and everything contributes to telling a very mysterious story.

• A fun fact since I mentioned Elfen Lied. The Brynhildr manga is brought to us by Lynn Okamoto, the manga writer for Elfen Lied. Brynhildr is still ongoing, so we’re probably going to be left with a cliffhanger in this anime, which is fine.

• I do see some comparisons with Elfen Lied in terms of the possible clashes against humanity. I want to know what are the witches capable of before comparing them to the Diclonius and how threatening they were. Also, whether or not Brynhildr can live up to Elfen Lied is yet to be determined. When comparing the start of both anime, Elfen Lied came out swinging; whereas Brynhildr wanted you to get enveloped in the mystery of everything revolving around Kuroha/Kuroneko. But, interestingly enough I might not see this as a narrative once I finish it. Maybe this can be a very good deconstruction of what makes up a person’s identity.

• The whole childhood friendship of Kuroneko and Ryouta reminds me of Kohta and Lucy. I’ll say Brynhildr did a wise move in starting the narrative at the beginning of Kuroneko and Ryouta’s childhood friendship. That way we’ll constantly question if Kuroha is Kuroneko. Episode 2 begins with a dream as the two children were looking up at the stars. By constantly building up the past the audience will be more incline to work their way backward to what happened to Kuroneko.

This has been my first impression of Brynhildr In Darkness. Let me know what you think. I’ll be glad to shed some light on this anime in the form of a review once I finish watching it.

Check out the opening to Brynhildr.