With the month of May approaching its time we send off our characters of April. So, in light of the upcoming NFL draft I thought I present a Mock Draft. This Mock Draft will include my rankings of all Four Characters of April and ultimately I want my number one draft pick to be a character I can build a spinoff series from.

For those unfamiliar with the NFL Draft I’ll explain. The NFL draft is when NFL teams select fresh college talent. These college prospects are drafted in order to make an NFL team better or at least that’s the plan. You never know if that college prospect will become the next star or the next bust.

The number one selection is granted to the worst NFL team. The first round draft order goes from the worst team all the way down to the best team. (Last year’s Super Bowl champion automatically gets the last pick in the first round)

Now, there are ways you can move up in the draft or even have multiple picks. But, let’s say the worst team in all likelihood will use their number one pick and draft the best college player that suits their needs. It’s quite possible that a team will attempt to draft a franchise Quarterback.

For example, in 1998 The Indianapolis Colts selected Peyton Manning and for years the Colts had their Quarterback until they decided it was time to get another franchise Quarterback. After parting ways with an aging Peyton Manning the Colts drafted Andrew Luck. So far, Luck has performed brilliantly making the Colts a Super Bowl contender.

With that being said, I’m on the clock. This Mock Draft will determine which of the Four Anime Characters of April will be my Franchise Anime Character. I believe a Franchise Anime Character has what it takes to build a spinoff series.

Draft Board




Kanetsugu Naoe

Rank 4

I rank Ioryogi at number 4 on my draft board because I think his hotheaded tendencies will wear on me. The idea of having him star in his own anime about his love with an angel, and the eventual war with heaven intrigued me. I liked to see him not as plushie and in his true form too. However, whenever he supports Kobato that’s when Ioryogi truly shines. He will do anything to help Kobato and he teaches her lessons in order for her to complete her mission. I cannot seem to make him stand alone without Kobato and in a spinoff series Ioryogi needs to be the star. However, Ioryogi seems destined to share the spotlight with Kobato and I like that Ioryogi and Kobato are an inseparable pair. Ioryogi may not be my franchise character, but I respect his loyalty to Kobato and how together they can overcome anything.

Rank 3
Kanetsugu Naoe

Kanetsugu has all the character traits that make for a good lead role in a comedy. She comes across as a loveable and ditzy hero who will get into wacky situations. Ideally she will have to work for her success. But, I cannot ignore that my ideal Franchise Anime Character has to have a decent level of intelligence. Kanetsugu may never be able to overcome her stubbornness and foolish antics. In addition, she might let all the stardom of being the lead character go to her head. I’m of the mindset that Kanetsugu might be too overconfident for her own good. In the end, Kanetsugu may not be my franchise anime character, but that does not make her any less of a Samurai. In fact she’s a Master Samurai of Love & Justice.

Rank 2

Souther does represent the Nanto Star of Leadership. Souther is a great leader and that makes him an ideal choice for a Franchise Anime Character. Other Nanto Warriors can look at Souther and marvel at his greatness. I think Souther has the appearance of someone who will take on all challenges and laugh in the face of adversity. But, remember being the star of an spinoff series takes more than just leadership. Souther has to open his emotions and let people fight alongside him. To be honest, Souther is his own worst enemy, because he refuses to love. In most anime love is a fundamental component that makes a Franchise Anime Character reach his/her maximum potential. Souther may be able to forge an empire, but it will crumble without loyal retainers. Souther will always be a legendary villain and the fallen Emperor has his place in history, but I cannot imagine a spinoff series revolving around someone who rules with an iron fist and cold heart.

Rank 1

With the number one pick of The Characters of April Draft… I select, Suigintou from the anime Rozen Maiden. I’m very happy to call Suigintou my Franchise Anime Character because Suigintou has a tragic and compelling story. I rally behind Suigintou because she’s the incomplete doll trying to find her place. The love she has for Father combined with the strongest desire to become Alice makes her the ideal selection to start a spinoff series. In addition, the nature of the Alice Game lends itself to a spinoff series featuring Suigintou as the main character.

Now, I understand that Suigintou has a twisted devotion to her Father and that she will resort to any means to become Alice. But, she has the potential to achieve her goals and at the same time destroy herself in the process. She has all the strength she needs, but I always thought Suigintou has low self-esteem. The need to prove that she’s not junk leaves her vulnerable and I can see Suigintou needing to love herself before becoming Alice.

Ideally, Suigintou’s dark appearance and most notably her black wings reflects a soul struggling with all the flaws and imperfections. Suigintou just wants to be loved and her hatred for Shinku creates additional drama. I think Suigintou has this emptiness inside of her and for awhile she thought it could be filled with the burning desire to become Alice. Everything she did was for Father, and she wanted to become Alice for him.

But, it wasn’t until she met Megu that she started to feel some sort of fulfillment. Megu was the one to fill the void in Suigintou and a tremendous change occurred when she began spending time with Megu. I saw in Suigintou benevolence and that’s what I believe my Franchise Anime Character needs.

Suigintou is not perfect and in fact, she’s someone who lives with many flaws. But, despite all the flaws she developed a desire to protect someone she cared about. She learned compassion and no longer desired to see Father, because she had a renewed passion to fight for Megu. Her motivation to collect all the Rozen Mystica’s changed from becoming Alice to healing Megu of her heart illness.

Suigintou among the Four Characters of April is my Franchise Anime Character because Suigintou reminds me that no one is perfect. Suigintou reminds me that we all can change and become better. In other words, Suigintou reminds me that no one is too far gone. We can all put the past away if it means striving toward a better future.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and feel free to share who would you draft as your very own Franchise Anime Character to star in a spinoff. Also, as a Reminder to you NFL fans, the Draft starts Tonight at 8:00PM on ESPN.