As we bid March farewell we must also give our five Characters of The Day a fond sayonara. Therefore, I have decided to create haikus for these five characters.

First up, Illyasviel Von Einzbern.

Once cold like winter

But, Fate changed and magic reigned

Everlasting bliss


Next, Goku

Saiyan heroism

Defines the man worthy of

Your respect and praise


Twilight Suzuka

Draw your sword against

The scoundrels who deserve death

After the sun sets   


Genjo Sanzo

Light up cigarettes

Please say your prayers once again

Your next life has come 


Last, but not least, Vampire Princess Miyu

Rest Vampire Princess   

Your sending them to darkness?

Let the fire dim

Reminder! I’ll be updating The Character of The Day page every Sunday. When a month finishes I’ll post up something that honors the characters of that month. I went with haiku poems, but next time I’ll do something else just to keep things fresh.