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The moon was full this evening and under the moonlight was Saber. Jonah walked outside to his backyard and loathe the idea of more training. He spotted Saber, who was looking up into the night sky. He noticed the distraught look in her eyes and wondered if he did anything wrong.

“Saber? Are you alright?” Jonah asked with concern.

Saber turned her back on him and extended her hand. She was summoning Excalibur and her eyes closed with heavy remorse. She bathed in moonlight while preparing for battle. Jonah looked around, but saw no enemies and wondered why his question remained unanswered.

“Did you hear me?” Jonah asked.

Saber nodded before replying.

“Jonah have you wondered what does it mean to have a sword in your heart?”

“Like literally? Or figuratively?” Jonah seemed confused. “Saber, if I have done anything—”

“Silence!” Saber said and crushed any sort of apology that was going to come from Jonah’s mouth. She opened her eyes with valor before speaking once more.

“Some legends claim Excalibur was pulled from stone, and the king who pulled it was none other than King Arthur himself.”

“Do you mean yourself?” Jonah asked.

“No. I was referencing the legend of King Arthur as told in various stories, not myself. Excalibur, my Noble Phantasm is known as The Sword of Promised Victory.”

Jonah was more serious and became more conscientious to what Saber had to say. Saber’s demeanor was forthwith and she wanted to pierced any lethargy within Jonah’s soul. She wanted to finally decipher the cryptic message of the sword in the heart, and she has trained Jonah for this very moment. Jonah prepared a retort and had the knowledge of Fate/Stay Night in mind. But, alas our young hero does not know the power that lies within his heart.

“Ah, yes.” He said more boldly and stepped forward.

“If I remember correctly instead of being pulled from stone you’re weapon was forged by mankind’s wishes. In other words, the Excalibur you wield is a celestial weapon capable of converting Mana into photoelectric energy. By compressing and gyrating air you create the celestial illusion of your sword in order to misdirect or mislead your opponents. In battle your sword is capable of piercing the heavens.”

“Correct, and now that I’ve trained you it’s time to see what your sword is capable of.”

Jonah pressed his hands to his chest and shook his head in dismissal.

“I don’t understand! Are you trying to say I’m living with a sword in my heart?!”

“When I first met you I sensed an dormant power. Initially it was faint, but I believe this power has prevented you from being together with Artemis. It weighs you down and makes you hesitate whenever an opportunity arises. However, your recent training with me and your growing bond with Artemis has made this power become more active.”

Saber turned around and from her fighting stance she released her celestial aura. The wind that floated on the sky became fierce and Jonah was windswept. Jonah felt his heart throbbing and his entire body went numb. He looked up into the sky and spotted a falling star.

“I’m afraid, if you do not pull the sword out of your heart you will be consumed by its power.”

“Me and Artemis are closer than ever!” He said defiantly and continued. “I’m going to do it Saber! I’m going to tell her that I—that—I…”

The throbbing was proving too much to bear and he could not finish his sentence. He was feeling fatigued and his breathing was congested. He falls to his knees while grabbing his chest tightly.

“Urggggggggggggggggh.” He screamed in pain and a black aura surged forth. Saber was instantly pulled down by this mysterious aura and she held onto Excalibur. She needed to regain her balance before speaking.

“He’s altering gravity and now it’s twice as dense.”

Saber was right about the sword in his heart preventing him from being happy with Artemis. Every chance Jonah got, he ran away from love and further etched misery into his heart. Those feelings of doubt and low self-esteem have manifested itself as a powerful gravitational pull. Saber was feeling the crushing density of gravity pushing her entire body down into the ground. It took all of her might to stand and she used Excalibur as a pillar of strength. She needed to be able to combat whatever comes next.

She needed to be Jonah’s pillar of strength when he needed her the most.

“Do you understand now Jonah? To have a sword in your heart means you’ll never know happiness. You’ve stabbed your heart long enough! You need to pull the sword out and make the power your own!”

The sword was deep inside his heart and what gave it power was Jonah’s fears and doubts. His heart was weak and, as a result the sword kept love wedged in; like a rock in a hard spot. His heart was denied by the sword. Only he can open up his heart and pull out the sword. Only he can transform the power of misery into the power of joy. Saber and Artemis made his heart stronger, but he needed to finally believe in himself and overcome himself.

“Jonah, don’t give in! You have the strength to pull the sword out! Think about your love for Artemis.”

Jonah shut his eyes and while grimacing in agony he clinched his heart. The removal of the sword begun when he plunged his hands into his chest. Blood instantly gushes out and Saber adverted her eyes once he started hacking up blood and saliva. He took hold of a golden hilt and started pulling with all his might. His hands were stained with blood, but he refused to let go and the sword remained fixed in place with every heave. The black aura howled in a menacing and disturbing fashion like it was alive. The aura continued its atrocious howling and the desire for the sword to remain in his heart became evident. Jonah writhed violently and continued the bloody ordeal.

“Artemis has always been there for me and she has reached out to me because she loves me!” He shouted to the heavens.

A memory suddenly whiplashed into his mind and it was all Jonah could think about. One day after practice Artemis invited him inside the changing room. They were alone and Jonah’s body was aching from the intense training sessions with Saber. He was barely able to do anything with the Kendo Club and he thought Artemis was going to reprimand him.

“Artemis… you wanted to see me? I must apologize for not being able to perform today.”

Artemis was packing up her things and she had her back turned. She was feeling a plentiful amount of sweat trickling down her body and she softly moaned. Jonah blushed and thought her moan was delicate as a flower. She decided to disrobe and she revealed to Jonah her back. She was covering her dainty breast with the tenderness of a goddess. Jonah was gasping and astonishment made him speak.

“Artemis, why are you showing me this?!”

She blushed once she processed his question and his concern for her. Her timid stare faced the ground and her voice sounded vulnerable when she attempted to speak. Jonah heard her whimpers and was stricken with sadness. Artemis knew she was exposing her dark past and it took great courage to get this far.

“Are you training at home? It must be intense. I’m a little curious to see for myself what has you showing up with no energy.”

Artemis was trying to steer the conversation in another direction because she was trembling with anxiety. Jonah gathered the courage to take a closer look at her back. His hands slowly begun to trace the scars and Artemis closed her eyes while letting him touch her intimately. She wanted to believe his hand could work magic and remove the scars.

“Those are from when I use to train at home with my father. Talk about intense.” She said trying to make light of her tragic past.

Her tears suddenly break free and remind her that she must never forget. She was just a child when she took up Kendo and pleasing her father was all that mattered. She trained every night without any complaints and her effort was rewarded with slurs. Artemis was constantly being told she was worthless and that she had a slut for a mother. No matter how much she cried the “discipline” continued and the raging alcoholic would raise his katana. He would strip off his daughter’s top and expose her back. He ignored his daughter’s agony and kept cutting. The cutting only stopped when his face was smeared with his daughter’s blood. He would slowly wipe his face and during that momentary pause, Artemis would look back at him. With tear stained eyes she would ask him if he wanted her to continue training. He answered by creating more scars. The coldhearted steel cut her flesh and lacerated her psyche.

One day, she found her father face down on the floor and the autopsy revealed he died of a heart attack. When she turned sixteen she visited his grave for the first and final time. Artemis kneeled down and presented flowers to her decease father. Her uncle encouraged her not to, but she forgave her father. She went on to become a six time Kendo champion.

She just recently captured her sixth title in front of her Kendo family. They did nothing, but love and support her. Throughout her vigorous and courageous training she knew she had people to lift her up. Artemis was glad she added Jonah to her family, and when the man she loved congratulated her, her heart stirred with joy.

“Artemis, will you be okay? I’m sorry, this happened to you. If it makes you feel any better… I would have killed your father or anyone else for that matter, who would dare try to hurt you.”

Artemis started to giggle and she turned around. Jonah saw her wipe her tears and there was a twinkle in her eyes, before she spoke.

“Look at you. Being tough. I think I kinda like it.”

She lunged toward him with the weight of her past lifted off her shoulders, and she hugged him dearly. Jonah was feeling aroused, but now was not the time for admiring her small and humble breast. He returned the hug and warmly held her in his arms.

“Jonah. Thank you. I love you so much.” Artemis whispered in his ear.

She pulled back and leaned in for a kiss. Jonah felt his heart pound rapidly and he was getting dizzy. It was a sudden reflex that made him shove Artemis away, but as she sat on the ground regret overwhelmed him. He thought he shoved any chances of being with her down an elevator shaft and into oblivion.

“Artemis. I’m so sorry. It was a stupid reflex and I was scared.” Jonah was pleading his case, but Artemis only stared at him.

Instead of being angry, Artemis gently waved her hand through her hair. She took a deep breath and decided to turn the other cheek on this little incident. Before speaking she does a sexy pose and was lowering her undergarments.

“You’re really are making this harder than it has to be. But, to be honest. Rejection turns me on.”

Jonah stared silently for at least five minutes and she had him in the palm of her hand. She nonchalantly changed clothes in front of him and he was frozen in awe. He thought Artemis was only showing him a slice of heaven, before dragging him to hell. She walked right passed him and without a word she stopped at the door. She looked back at him and smiled.

“I will kiss you when you least expect it. It might be when you’re unconscious and lying in a hospital bed. But, don’t worry I’ll be dressed as a nurse and I’ll take good care of my favorite patient.”

Jonah remembered her voice sounding threatening and sweet at the same time. Even though she was joking he thought she would look good dressed as a nurse. The thought of being stuck in a hospital became more pleasurable once he thought about Artemis taking care of him.

The memory faded into the current reality. Jonah was in a dire situation and he was screaming at the top of his lungs. The pain splitting sound of blood popping made Saber cringe. She had trouble watching, but continued to encourage Jonah. He was bleeding out and with every ounce of strength he pulled. The metal sound of a sword being removed was encouraging him, but he was met with fierce resistance. The howling aura tried to lock his arms and prevent him from pulling any more.

“You’re almost there! Don’t let fear or doubt stop you now! Your love for Artemis cannot be contained any longer!”

Saber shouted and found the strength to break free from the aura’s gravitational pull. Saber unleashed her battle cry and became radiant. Her golden aura surged from Excalibur and she was ready to vanquish the evil that once resided in Jonah’s heart. Under the watchful moon Saber waited for Jonah to finally remove the sword.

Jonah’s love for Artemis compelled him to reach for even more strength. His eyes widen and his unbreakable spirit was finally beginning to overcome the sword in his heart.

“The pain is worth it! I will pull the sword out of my heart!” Jonah envisioned the smile of his beloved Artemis as he heroically ripped the sword out. Blood leaked from his chest, but he managed to hold the sword up high.

Jonah’s sword Gram was draped in vines and sacred words were carved into the steel. Jonah held within his grasp a powerful weapon able to control gravity. Gram was once said to have been forged by master blacksmith Volund. It was then placed inside the living tree known as Barnstokkr by Odin. Legend has it that the legendary hero Sigmund pulled Gram out of Barnstokkr.

Saber was proud of him. She watched him raise his weapon and was reminded of herself. Whenever she triumphantly raised Excalibur she knew the feeling that came with it. She knew Jonah was feeling victorious and he has earned this moment to bask in the glory. Saber turned her attention to the malevolent aura that was left to screech and agonize over losing its host. Saber took up her stance and prepared for one final blow.

“Excalibur!” She said fearlessly and vanquished the aura with one slash that unleashed a golden celestial light.

The light continued to travel high into the heavens and everyone on earth witnessed the miracle in the sky. The light reached everyone within The Miracle Matchmaking Agency and they all stopped working to look out the windows. They behold Saber’s light soaring to the heavens above. Cupid was in his office and thought the light looked exquisite, but before love can conquer all there was one thing left. He clapped his hands together and he was watching everything unfold from his computer. He took the time to congratulated Saber.

“Well done Saber. All that’s left is to save the boy’s life. Then he’ll live happily ever after.” Cupid’s voice was smooth like wine and he had faith in Saber.

Jonah stared at his hand and the red gleam was impairing his vision. Then he came to a sudden realization and knew it was time to use his command seals. He managed to call out to Saber, but he was feeling lightheaded. The amount of blood lost has taken its toll, and Saber kneeled to his aid. She applied pressure on his chest wound.

“Saber, my command seals. I need you to do three things.”

Jonah’s voice was frail at best, but he was going to speak; even if it kills him. Saber granted her master her undivided attention at this critical point.

“Reveal yourself to everyone. Then take me to a hospital. Urgh… it hurts.”

Jonah dropped Gram and reached up to Saber’s cheek. His hands were bloody, but his fingertips managed to graze Saber’s cheek. Jonah imprinted two drops of blood on Saber’s cheek and she clutched his hand tightly.

“Bring Artemis to the hospital. When I awaken there’s something I need to tell her.” He spoke with undeniable resilience.

Saber solemnly bowed her head before speaking.

“As you command master.”

The midnight hour has arrived and Saber has fulfilled her duties. Unfortunately, Jonah has not awaken from his slumber. The hospital staff treated his wounds and gave him a sedative to ease his blood pressure. He went into cardiac arrest for three seconds, but the doctors were able to rejuvenate his heartbeat, and now it was up to him to awaken. He was in intensive care and was unable to receive visitors at this time. Therefore, Saber and Artemis were in the waiting room. The two most influential women in his life were left to wait. Artemis was visualizing Jonah going through defibrillation and his heart monitor beeping at a steady pace. She was nervous and not being by his side was agonizing. Saber placed her arm around Artemis and attempted to comfort her.

“Forgive me for making him do this. I’ll take full responsibility for the worst case scenario.”

Artemis slapped Saber and silence filled the room for the next five seconds. Saber understood how Artemis felt and looked down.

“Don’t make it sound like he’s not going to live.” Artemis spoke despite having watery eyes.

“If he did all of this for me, then he will not die. Not here, and not like this. I don’t care what anyone tells me!”

Artemis raised her voice and rose to her feet. She clinched her fist and pressed it firmly against her chest.

“Saber, with all due respect if you don’t have anything encouraging to say, then don’t speak at all.”

Saber listened to what Artemis said and respectfully closed her eyes. She softly rose up and opened her arms. Artemis leaned into Saber and accepted the warm hug. Saber wanted to make amends for her insensitive words.

“You’re right. He will live and you will stand by his side.”

“Saber, you trained him didn’t you?” Artemis asked politely and her words were soften.

“I did and I watched him grow stronger. No matter how fatigued he was he kept training.”

“All for me?” Artemis said shyly and her cheeks became flushed. “Um, the sword in Jonah’s heart. Was that preventing him from expressing his love for me?”

Saber took Artemis by her hands and looked into her eyes.

“Yes. He was constantly thinking about you. You gave him the strength to pull the sword out. Artemis there’s nothing in this world he won’t do for you.”

Artemis and Saber both exchanged smiles as they waited patiently. During this time Saber decided to explain everything about Jonah’s ordeal. Artemis thanked Saber for guiding him and for being his friend. She found it divine that Saber was summoned as Cupid’s love angel. Saber was one of Artemis’ favorite anime characters and she wanted Saber to stay with them.

She grew excited and thought about all the things they could do together. She envisioned many friendly swordfights and peaceful dinners. She envisioned bathing together with Saber and having sleepovers where they exchanged their plush animals before going to bed.

However, Artemis knew Saber was from Fate/Stay Night and had to leave this world. Artemis had a feeling that Saber cannot transcend reality for much longer.

Two hours passed before a doctor walked in. He was looking into his clipboard and then looked up.

“Are you two here for Jonah Lancelot?” The doctor asked.

“Yes!” Saber and Artemis said in unison.

“I’m pleased to inform you that he’s been moved into a separate room and has regained full consciousness. We believe he will make a full recovery within two weeks.”

Artemis eyes lit up with joy and she squealed with excitement.

“Can we see him? Can we see him?” Artemis rushed to the doctor and looked up at him with anticipation.

“You two may see him right away and will you be staying?”

“Of course I’m staying! There’s no way anyone will stop me!”

The doctor was happy to deliver good news and he could tell that Artemis cared deeply for Jonah. He pointed to a nurse that will take them to Jonah’s room. Artemis looked back at Saber and they both nodded their heads. Saber sighed in relief before speaking.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go see Jonah.”

Saber had drawn a bit of attention and many patients had their eyes on her. They thought she was a cosplayer, but no amount of discomfort nor fandom would make Saber leave Jonah and Artemis. She wanted to effectively give them her blessings.

“Jonah! Thank god you’re alright!” Artemis was relieved to wrap her arms around him and nuzzle her cheek against his.

“I thought you we’re going to be wearing a nurse outfit.” Jonah sounded sleepy. “You mean I did all of this for nothing?” Jonah said jokingly and Artemis blushed before chuckling.

“Maybe next time. But, Saber told me you had something to tell me?”

Jonah’s eyes soften and seeing Artemis did not make him tremble anymore. He was done with running away and there was no doubts or fears weighing his heart down. He knew how he felt about Artemis and now was the time to say it. He had the freedom to express his feelings and everything about Artemis made him feel warm. The sword was removed and in its place was room for everlasting happiness. The chance to make Artemis feel loved and safe was one he desperately wanted. Saber trained him to become stronger and this was his moment.

“Artemis the first time I watched you practice I thought I wasn’t worthy. That a guy like me didn’t deserve a girl like you. I never saw myself together with you and I never believed in myself.”

He took a moment to gather his thoughts and continued.

“I was filling my heart with despair and all I could do was watch.”

Artemis softly rubbed his hand and brushed his hair with a Midas touch. He smiled and nothing weighed him down. He continued to sing praises unto Artemis.

“I was amazed by your bravery, strength, and beauty. I always wanted to join you, but I let fear and doubt hold me back. When you asked me to join your Kendo family I was scared, and was most certainly leaning toward declining.”

Saber smiled and was glad to hear Jonah confessing.

“But, that’s when I came in. I was summoned to help him remove the sword in his heart.” Saber said politely and allowed Jonah to continue.

“When I first met Saber I couldn’t believe it. But, each night of training only made me stronger. That’s when I knew she was really here. To help me. To be a friend when I needed her the most.”

Saber blushed and bowed her head with modesty. She considered Jonah a dear friend and wished for his happiness with Artemis.

“I joined the Kendo club and grew more confident. I loved being with you.” Jonah softly reached out to Artemis’ cheek and stroked it lovingly.

“When I was with you nothing made me happier. When you showed me what you’ve been through it touched my heart. I realized I needed to open myself up to you.”

Artemis felt her tears stockpile and spoke with a delicate voice.

“I know. I know. You pulled that sword out for me. Almost died for me. There’s only one reason anyone does that for a girl. You’ve kept me waiting, so let’s hear it already.”

“Artemis.” Jonah kept her waiting long enough and looked into her eyes before saying,

“I love you.”

Shortly after Jonah said it, Artemis pressed her sweet cherry lips against his. They kissed and leisurely enjoyed every minute of it. They opened their eyes and saw each other in a new light. Artemis lowered her head toward his chest and wanted to hear his heartbeat. She heard a soothing rhythm and before being lulled to sleep she softly whispered goodnight.

Before the sun paints the morning sky Saber opened her eyes. She looked at them and smiled.

“May they always be together.”

Saber then looked at her hand and saw it slowly fading. She knew her time in this world was coming to an end. She needed to bid her new friends farewell. Saber was happy that the gift of love has been bestowed upon them. Jonah and Artemis slept peacefully and made Saber feel at ease. She walked over and stood by their bedside. She had nothing, but fond memories and wished to leave with them.

“Goodbye my friends.” She said softly.

One tear escaped her lovely green eyes and as she watched over them her body was fading away. Only sparks of gold remained and that night Saber blessed them for coming into her life.

The morning was quiet and Artemis was the first to emerge from her slumber. She felt a drop of moisture on her cheek and thought someone was crying. She kissed Jonah and lightly shook him. Jonah groaned, but he reluctantly opened his eyes. Sunshine entered the room and they noticed Saber was gone. Artemis turned her head left and right before racing to the window. She did not see Saber anywhere and reached up to her cheek. She came to the realization that it was Saber’s tear and final farewell. For Jonah’s sake she decided to feign ignorance.

“Where did Saber go?” Artemis said.

“Um, that’s strange. I guess, I’ll use a command seal to bring her here.”

Jonah raised his hand and attempted to use a command seal. When nothing happened Jonah stared into his hand and saw that his command seals were gone. He was shaking his head and trying to understand what was going on.

“Artemis, does this mean she’s gone?”

“I’m sorry Jonah. There was no way she was going to be able to stay in this world.”

“That’s not fair!”

Jonah snapped and immediately apologized to Artemis. She hugged him knowing that he was upset and needed support.

“I didn’t mean to yell at you.” Jonah said.

“No, it’s okay. She was your friend. We didn’t even get to say goodbye.”

“I didn’t get to say thank you.” Jonah lowered his head and not seeing Saber was disheartening.

He slowly got out of bed and there was a strain on his body. Artemis watched him walk, but he was slumping to the floor. When he reached the bathroom door he collapsed and Artemis rushed to his side. She raised him up and slung him over her shoulder.

“C’mon now. Upsy daisy. I’m going to make sure you don’t overexert yourself. You need two weeks to recover.”

Jonah had nothing else to say and decided to listen to Artemis. Jonah was recovering in the hospital and Artemis visited him everyday after school. She brought him food and worked hard on making perfect meals. She always added cupcakes for desert. When he asked her about missing Kendo practices she told him that she was his girlfriend now. She understood there was going to be compromises and she was happy to be there for him instead of at the dojo. It was clear she prioritized his wellbeing over her Kendo practice. One day she visited the hospital and besides bringing dinner and cupcakes, she brought Jonah playing cards.

“I brought you a present.” Artemis smiled kissing his cheek and he sat in bed pleasantly.

“Oh? It’s not even my birthday. You’re really are too kind.”

“What?! I’m kind?” She said sarcastically. “Aww, don’t worry so much. I want to cheer you up any way I can.”

“Well, in two days I’ll be leaving the hospital. I think Saber would want me to continue training.”

“That sounds great and I’m looking forward to it. I still have your sword over at my place.”

“Take good care of it. It’s my most precious possession and I want to learn how to use it. I believe it can control gravity and it was once powered by my fear and doubt.”

Artemis smiled cheerfully and begun munching on a cupcake instead of digging into the sushi meal. She had a craving for something sweet and decided to somewhat spoil her dinner.

“Well, maybe now it’s powered by your love for me?” She said with leftover frosting on her cheek.

Jonah was looking out the window and he thought about Gram. His legendary sword has yet to be used, but like Saber he anticipated on wielding his weapon with honor. Gram was more than a sword and it served as a symbol.

“I call it the Sword of Promised Love. I’ll always carry my love for you into battle. Instead of being powered by fear and doubt. My resolve and courage will give me all the strength I need.”

Artemis blushed deeply and playfully rubbed some frosting on his nose.

“Hey.. Why did you do that for?”

“So, I can do this.”

Artemis leaned up to him and gently licked the frosting off his nose. She giggled before speaking once more.

“You’re not hungry?” She said and finished her cupcake with one final bite.

“I am actually, but first.”

Jonah said while extending his hand and he was reaching for the frosting on her cheek. He wiped the frosting away and Artemis blushed deeply.

“Wait, don’t move. I’ll get that.”

She looked at the frosting on the tip of his index finger. Her fondness of sweets compelled her to take his hand and get a closer look at the frosting. Her eyes light up with glee and he was tentatively trying to speak. He saw her mouth inching closer to his finger.

“What are you doing? Wait, Wait…” Jonah blushed and moaned when she sucked the tip of his index finger. She softly took it out of her mouth and spoke happily.

“Mmm, frosting. You were saying?” She shrugged her shoulders and was certain no harm was done.

“Never mind. Let’s eat dinner, sweetheart.”

The two proceeded to enjoy fresh sushi and while they were eating Artemis decided to reveal the playing cards.

“I got these playing cards because I thought you would like the designs. Here take a look.”

Jonah took the 52-card deck and instantly noticed they were Fate/Stay Night playing cards. Saber was the King of Hearts and she was raising Excalibur skyward. Jonah smiled looking at the card and was reminded of her bravery and courage. In two days, Jonah was going to be released from the hospital and he wanted to train. Even though Saber was gone Jonah wanted to honor her by getting stronger. He knew Artemis was going to be there to lift him up whenever things got too tough.

“I can’t thank you enough.” Jonah said.

“I knew you would like them.” Artemis said with a compassionate smile.

Artemis giggled and made her way into his bed. He pulled her close and they snuggled up. They kissed a few times and Artemis decided they should play a game of Go Fish. She thought it made perfect sense since they were eating sushi, and moments like these show how Jonah and Artemis are perfect for each other.

It was Artemis’ turn when she asked,

“Do you have any Kings?”

“I do.” Jonah said and continued. “The King of Hearts. She’s the greatest hero and friend we’ll ever meet.”