Here’s the second part of The Sword in the Heart which features Saber from Fate/Stay Night. Stay tune for the finale!

An hour later Saber kneeled and stood alongside Jonah. He was slowly awakening and this time he was ready to see her.

“I suggest you stay conscious this time.” Saber placed her hand on Jonah’s and he was blushing.

“How? Why? I’m confused.”

Jonah slowly sits up and looks up at the noble king. He was trying to understand what was going on. Saber remained calm and waited for him to regain his composure. Jonah idolized Saber for her virtue and brave heroism. He tried to touch her, but Saber turned away and he stumbled onto the floor.

“I have been summoned to aid you. But, first allow me to introduce myself. I’m Saber your servant.”

Saber stood up and offered her hand.

“Do you need help to stand?”

“No, I’m fine.” He said meekly.

He looked up at Saber and saw the embodiment of beauty and strength. He instantly thought of all of Saber’s heroic bouts and emotional discoveries. The Fate visual novels and anime series compelled him to smile at Saber. He thought Saber was the greatest hero of all time.

“The last thing I remember was some guy. He was claiming to be “Cupid” and he said he’ll help me get together with Artemis. But, where are my manners?”

He quickly gets up and Saber was a little hesitant from his awkward, yet honest nature. He extends his hand in friendship and tilts his head to the side like a nervous fan boy.

“My name is Jonah Lancelot.”

In the next instance Saber’s weapon was pointed at his throat and Jonah’s eyes widen with terror. He was already thinking about his life and how unaccomplished it was. He thought Saber was going to kill him and his one regret was not telling Artemis how he felt.

“Lancelot brings up many bad memories…” She said coldly.

“Yes of course.” He said instinctively.

“But, please understand it’s just a coincidence.”

He began to sweat profusely and he takes a few steps back. He was submissive and like a shameful surrender he raised his arms up. His voice was soften and he wanted to prove to Saber that he was harmless.

“I’m unarmed and only want to know why you have come?”

Saber closed her eyes and took a deep breath before withdrawing her weapon. She was thinking of how to reply.

“An eccentric gentleman was here not too long ago and he claimed to have the power to summon me. He gave his command seals to you and thus made me your servant. He said something cryptic…”

Saber walked up to Jonah and she saw him cower in fear. When she came closer, he raised up his arms, and prepared an abysmal defense. Saber shook her head in disappointment. She lowered his hands and made him relax with a relentless stare. Her eyes took a long look at him and she saw someone lacking courage. Saber allowed herself to feel compassion before speaking.

“He who has the sword in his heart needs your help. That was what the gentleman said to me before relinquishing his command seals.”

“Look, I’m not sure what that means, but I have no command seals.”

Jonah looked at his hand and he could not deny that he saw the seals glowing red. He shakes his hand rapidly and looked again. He screams knowing he was bound to Saber and he wondered if the Holy Grail Wars have started. Suddenly, the bakery became full of life and the mechanical mayhem gets their attention. Appearing on an conveyer belt was Cupid and he was eating a cupcake.

“Wow, this cupcake is good.”

Cupid hopped off the conveyer belt and walked over to them.

“Jonah, Saber here will help you find the strength to finally ask out Artemis. You’ve seen the anime right? Well, I’ve taken some luxuries to give you the command seals and you may use Saber in any way you see fit.”

“But, that also means other servants have awakened.”

“Relax, that’s what I meant by luxuries.” He finished his cupcake and licked his fingers of frosting.

“No one will try to kill you and only you can actually see Saber. There will be no Holy Grail Wars, but you are going to have to fight in order to be with Artemis.”

“Wait, fight who?” Jonah asked and was ready to flee the entire scene. He wanted to leave everything behind and return to normalcy.

“I believe you will have to fight yourself and overcome yourself.” Saber said interrupting the conversation and she continued.

“If you do not wish to partake in this ordeal then use your command seals to release me. I will gladly return to my time and fulfill my obligation to my Kingdom.”

Jonah looked down and sighed. He had to search deep within himself and find a way to finally stop running. All his life when things got tough he went looking for the backdoor. The life of a coward has prevented him from being together with Artemis. He looked up at Saber and gritted his teeth before speaking with adamant resolve.

“You’re staying. I want you to help me. Cupid, is there anything else I need to know?”

Cupid puts his arm around Saber and she gives him a stoic stare.

“Sure, Saber here is a great teacher of swordsmanship and I’m sure she’ll be willing to teach you a few things. I expect you to join the Kendo Club.”

Jonah accepted Cupid’s ordeal and Saber nodded her head accepting him as her master.

Jonah later that evening was entering his home and he cheerfully greeted his parents. He walked upstairs and found Saber sitting on the floor by the small coffee table. She was dressed in her casual clothes and was eating his dinner. She gracefully finishes her last bite and puts the utensils down. She bowed her head politely before speaking respectfully.

“Welcome home. How did the Kendo Club meeting go?” Saber asked and he sat down with a slight scowl.

“You’re in my room?!” Jonah raised his voice and she slammed her hands on the table. She wanted to see his reaction and she was disappointed once again. She could not believe he was bowing his head in complete defeat.

“I’m sorry I raised my voice, your highness.” He spoke like a frighten child.

“I don’t deserve to be in the presence of the almighty King Arthur.”

He continued to bow and beg for forgiveness. He was holding his hands together like he was making one final prayer.

“Your apology was unnecessary. I’m here in order to train you and make you believe in yourself.” Saber said and took a deep breath.

“Jonah, if Artemis is someone special to you; then you must find the courage to say how you feel. Make her feel safe and allow her to lower her guard. I get the feeling that she and I are a lot alike which is why Cupid chose me to help you.”

Jonah adjusted himself and sits with his legs crossed. He was taking in Saber’s words of wisdom and cleared his throat.

“I think you and her are both beautiful, strong, and confident. Everything I’m not. But, I took the first step. You asked how did the Kendo Club meeting go right? Well, it went great, but of course it didn’t start out that way.”

“Please do tell and I took the liberty of making us some tea.”

Saber handed him a full cup of tea and Jonah took it with great excitement. He was still getting use to having Saber as a servant and he hoped they could become friends. He was drinking her tea and the subtle flavor was making him feel relaxed.

“Did you make this in the kitchen? Mom didn’t see you?” Jonah asked.

“I did indeed make this in the kitchen. Only you and Cupid can see or hear me. I dare not sound cliché, but I guess you can say I’m acting as Cupid’s angel of love. I fully intend on helping you and I look forward to starting practice tonight.”

Jonah was blushing just listening to Saber explain things and sound so elegant. Saber shook her head and admittedly accepted the admiration he showed. She was flattered and she took a sip from her cup. She winced slightly.

“A—ah.” She cried out and her eyes lower. “The tea is still quite hot.”

“Are you alright?” He asked.

“Yes, go on with your recollection of what happened at the Kendo Club this afternoon. I want to know the full details.”

For the first time in Jonah’s life a conversation was being held in his room. It was a conversation with someone who actually wanted to listen to him and his voice was resonating with glee. He explained how nervous he was when he first stepped foot inside the dojo, and proceeded to visualize himself standing alongside Artemis. He was introducing himself.

“Kendo Club. I’m…” Jonah started to cough because he was feeling really nervous and his body temperature was rising.

“I’m Jonah Lancelot.” He continued coughing and he started sweating. He managed to say his name, but not much else until Artemis brought him a bottle of water.

“Drink this. We can’t have you dying on us now.” Artemis said and chuckled as she turned her attention to the rest of the club. They looked at Jonah with welcoming expressions on their faces and applauded him for being here.

“I wanted to give Jonah a sense of what we’re all about here in the Kendo Club. So, let’s begin to practice, and afterwards we’ll give him a shot to show us what he’s got!”

Jonah was explaining to Saber his thoughts about swinging a Shinai. He got up and decided to show her his technique. Jonah was swinging his Shinai wildly, and even though there was a slim chance to actually impress Saber he did his best. Saber attempted to hold in her laughter, but her cheeks became rosy. She let out tender giggles. She saw how he swung in different directions and attempted many halfhearted thrusts. She ducked one of his undisciplined swings and before speaking, she lightly lowered the weapon. When Saber lowered his weapon he laughed and was a little embarrassed. She seated him with care while laughing.

“Please don’t mind me. We’ll need to work on your form.” Saber smiled warmly and brushed her hand through her hair while listening to him.

“I think I got skills and I used swords before. That’s all that matters.” Jonah said in his own defense and continued. “But, you see watching the entire club practice and seeing how each swing was on target made me feel like a novice.”

“They are training like warriors and I ask you; have you ever trained with that kind of intensity?” Saber sipped her tea and waited for his response.

“No, but I bet you’re going to make me.”

“Correct. But, not before you finish telling me your story.”

Jonah continued his story from the point where it was his turn to wield a weapon. Artemis wanted to address the entire club before giving Jonah the green light to start swinging. She wanted to get something off her chest.

“I consider everyone in the Kendo Club to be like family. We push each other to our limits. Friendly competition does not stand in the way of us always being here for one another. That’s the main reason why I want Jonah to join.”

She looked back at him and winked sweetly at him. Her heart was melting with honesty and she cleared her throat before speaking once more.

“I feel we can all make him feel welcomed here, but even more than that. We can make him feel better about himself. I remember when I first took over as Club Leader. I wanted to just be the best, and shatter the records set by my predecessor. Well, I did. But, you know what? That did not make all of you have more fun, or feel like you were getting any better. Me only being focused on winning only brought down our membership and then I realized something important.”

She held her weapon to her chest and clutched it tightly. Her fingers were throbbing after many swings. She and the rest of the Kendo Club just completed an emotionally charged practice. When she held up the Shinai everyone did the same and they all let out their battle cries. Jonah observed their unity and watched Artemis shine like Saber.

“I realized that I needed to bring everyone together and make them feel like I care more about them rather than winning championships. At the end of the day, I hope that my greatest accomplishment is not winning another championship. Instead, I want Jonah to stand by my side, and continue to support me.”

She then turned to face him and slowly she pointed her weapon at him. She blushed heavily and nodded her head.

“That would be my greatest accomplishment.”

Jonah knew that was his signal to start swinging and he started to let everything go. Swing after swing everyone was chanting his name and encouraging him. Artemis was clapping and she smiled brightly after he fell to the floor. He was fully exhausted and he dropped the Shinai. She rushed over to him, and wiped the sweat off his forehead with a spare towel. She handed him another water bottle and while he was drinking, she cleared her throat.

“Will you join us now?”

She stood up on her feet, and extended her hand. He reached out and grabbed it, while blushing. She lifts him onto his feet, but he stumbles over. They both fall to the floor and he lands on top of her.

“Forgive me. I must still be weaken.” Jonah said hesitatingly and he looked into her eyes.

“It’s alright. You’ll get use to it.” She was laughing and she patted his head. “I know this feeling and let me tell you something. Whenever I feel weak I always look for someone to lift me up.”

Artemis helped Jonah get up and he whispered in her ear.

“My answer is yes.”

Jonah reached the conclusion of his story and Saber was proud of him. He took that first step in declaring his love for her. Joining the Kendo Club and being closer to Artemis was a fine start to a more romantic and passionate relationship. Saber was now aware that she needed to fulfill her end of the bargain. She needed to make a man out of him. She wanted him to become someone who can make Artemis feel safe and loved. Artemis was already reaching out to him, and Saber needed to teach our young soul how to reach out and grab the woman you love.

That night Saber and Jonah begun training in the backyard. Saber exemplified the proper technique and stepped into her swings without any hesitation. Her poise remained like an diamond—defiant under pressure. With each swing her bravery shined forth. Jonah was watching her and he tried looking away. However, Saber’s battle cry seized his attention and she was like a proud lion. Each time she swung her weapon she roared with intensity. She concluded her tutorial and ordered Jonah to do the same.

“Saber, there’s no way I can measure up to you.” Jonah said and he reluctantly dropped his Shinai after just a couple of swings.

“Raise your weapon. Raise it, not because you want to meet my expectations, but because you want to become stronger for the one you love.” Saber said in order to encourage Jonah.

Jonah sighed, but picked up his weapon and continued to swing. Saber was coaching him and she made sure to correct his form.

“Each swing you take is another fight against yourself.”

Saber lined up behind him and took hold of his arms. He was blushing when she raised them up, and he was infatuated with how Saber took command of his body. She demonstrated the proper form by moving his arms in a fluid and effortless motion. In order for him to maintain his balanced she spread his legs further apart. Jonah was nodding his head and he was starting to realize Saber was a very strict teacher.

“Step into your strikes and don’t ever hesitate. Your form needs to be firm and decisive.”

Jonah took more definitive strikes, but his feet were too flat and he moved too slowly.

“You’re movement is too heavy like something weighs you down.” Saber critiqued.

“I’ll try to move more nimbly.”

Jonah said while stepping forward once more. When he swung with too much force his feet got tangled up, and he dropped like a rock. Jonah held his ankle and wanted to quit. But, Saber eagerly picked him up and told him she was going to attack now. Jonah was complaining about his ankle, but Saber refused to listen to excuses. She charged at him and Saber begun walloping on Jonah’s ribcage. Each strike was furious and like firecrackers exploding, Jonah felt his ribs ache. He was screaming and wished for her to stop. He held out his hand and she continued to apply pressure. She whacked his head and he fell to the ground.

“I thought you were going to move more nimbly?”

Saber taunted him and he rushed to his feet. He tried attacking back, but she moved out of the way. His next strike was more swift, but Saber blocked it. She powered through and flung his sword away. She kicked his gut and he grunted before falling to his knees.

Jonah was forced to endure Saber’s grueling training every night and every night he was growing more fatigued. Jonah was beginning to think he was being bullied by Saber, but he was holding in his frustration. During the day, he barely had any energy to train with Artemis. The rest of the Kendo Club wondered if he was going to quit. Artemis granted Jonah unlimited breaks and she hoped he was not pushing himself too hard. She watched him limp into practice and leave practice all hunched over with aches. She often found time to pause her training and comfort him. She brought him snacks and today she brought him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

“Here you go something to get you feeling recharged.” Artemis said and she innocently smiled.

“Thank you. It means a lot to me that you’ve been preparing me snacks. I’m afraid keeping up with you and everyone else has proven to be a mountain too high to climb.”

Artemis watched him take the first bite of his sandwich and he loved it. He complimented her for being so thoughtful. She always went to great lengths to make sure the snacks were just right. For example, she cut the crust off his peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She was glad he liked her snacks and she decided to make a move. She warmly locked her arm with his and rested her head on his shoulder. He blushed immediately and felt his entire body getting warm. He tried to focus on finishing his sandwich and took a bigger bite. Having Artemis so close was something he dreamed of and when he took another bite of his sandwich, he noticed her watching him. Artemis had endearing eyes and she decided to take the final bite of his sandwich.

“Artemis I…” He stopped himself from speaking and missed his opportunity to express how he felt about her.

“Please, don’t worry about trying to impress me. I’m happy just having you here.”

“You make it sound impossible. But, I will. You’ll see. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but I will impress you.”

“You’re too sweet.” She said playfully.

Artemis knew those words were not enough to lift his spirits. She decided to do something more kind and it was something she wanted to do for awhile. She leaned up to him and Jonah was very flustered. He was trembling and he inched his head further away to avoid her lips. However, Artemis was competitive and she refused to back down. She pulled him into her arms and held him tightly before kissing his cheek. She released him and went off to practice some more as he was left holding his cheek. He instantly thought about tonight and wanted to spend more time with Artemis. But, he expected more fierce training with Saber and he was reaching his limit.