I do some creative writing from time to time and I thought it’ll be a cool idea to mix some of that creativity with popular anime characters. For Valentine’s Day I wanted to create romance that taps into our feelings by using some popular anime characters. But, instead of writing any old fan-fiction that makes different anime characters meet and fall in love, I decided to do a more ambitious project.

Instead of creating dream romances and putting characters like Dark Mousy (D.N.Angel) and Hime (Princess Resurrection) in steamy Fifty Shades of Grey love scenes. Instead of trying to recreate The Notebook or The Vow with Orihime Inoue and Sasuke Uchiha. I have decided to create something more fun and dramatic.

I have created what I like to call: The Miracle Matchmaking Agency!

The Miracle Matchmaking Agency is run by Cupid and as you all know Cupid is a fan of anime. With his all mighty arrows he summons the right anime characters and helps poor hopeless souls discover true love.

The hopeless people of course would have full knowledge of the anime character that has arrive before their very eyes. That anime character will interact and better understand our hopeless soul in order to help them. In a series of six short stories where Cupid summons anime characters to help out original characters I feel like I have created your not so average fan-fiction. Something More…

For Valentine’s Day I want to present to you the first part of a short story. It’s called: The Sword in the Heart featuring Saber from Fate/Stay Night. Enjoy and I hope to finish it real soon! Maybe before the day ends? Yes, there is more on the way.

The Sword in the Heart

The Miracle Matchmaking Agency is located in the sky and proudly serves many people who are looking for love. The phones ring like clockwork and The Miracle Matchmaking Agency was in full effect. Many of Cupid employees are taking calls, and setting up people with their ideal lover.

Cupid’s motto was: Love flies true and like an arrow it will never lead you astray.

The Miracle Matchmaking Agency created many everlasting relationships and today we join Cupid in his office. He reached for his mug and was in the middle of another observation. Cupid looks like a stylish mafia boss with slick black hair and a white business suit equipped with a rose boutonniere. His Rolex watch shined and he raised the volume on his laptop. On his computer screen came the sight of an awkward teenage boy and he was watching the Kendo Club practice. The boy had long red hair like Shawn White, but he was no flying tomato. He was shy and he kept to himself most of the time. He had some skills with a sword, but he withdrew any thoughts of joining the Kendo Club into his pocket. He opted to watch the greatness of one club member instead, and his brown eyes locked onto her with strong desire.

Cupid was drinking his coffee and observing how this failure was not acting upon love.

“He’s been to all of her Kendo practices and he still hasn’t made a move?” Cupid said while shaking his head.

He then observed the object of the young man’s affection as she took more violent swings with her Shinai. She was a pretty blonde haired girl with blue eyes. The size of her bust was petite, but inside her chest lies a passionate heart. She was a fighter and the size of her heart cannot be measured nor should it be underestimated. She been through some of life’s darkest corridors and has emerged stronger than ever. With strength and fortitude she overcomes any obstacle even trivial things like having a small chest. The passion she unleashed with each swing and grunt was making our hopeless soul blush in awe.

“It looks like our love struck puppy likes strong and powerful women.” Cupid already had in mind who he wanted to summon and looked forward to watching the young man’s reaction.

Our Kendo superstar had a voice capable of uplifting the most sorrowful and pathetic soul. Her commitment to Kendo was obvious because when she completed her swings beads of sweat was falling from her forehead. Her admirer was feeling his pants rising and when she began drinking water the throbbing only intensified. Her skin grew more radiant with each gulp of water she swallowed and the young man was lost in thought.

“Artemis is so beautiful. I wish I could talk to her, but she’d never go for a guy like me.”

He was feeling more nervous when her friends gathered around her. Cupid observed how Artemis received admiration and that was the most charming feature of all. The young man tried a subtle exit, but bumped into some male members of the Kendo Club. They look at him with curious intent and asked him if he would like to join. One of them even patted his shoulder, but that just made him tense and he started to tremble.

“Th-Thanks, but…” He uttered out before the rest of his words were chained up with insecurity and fear. Artemis had snuck up from behind him and she greeted him with a smile.

“Jonah. You were watching again. Please, tell me how was I?” She eased her eyes knowing her intensity may scare him off.

“You were.” He took a deep breath and was patting his trembling legs.

He noticed that she looked excited and she was anticipating his words of encouragement or compliments. This was their carousel routine and everyday Artemis always found Jonah watching her practice. She liked having him around and she did not mind his admiration. Jonah never made a subtle exit and always found himself in these situations. He always loved her performances during practice and he wanted to give her the best compliments possible. She earned every bit of praise he had to offer, because she has won five Kendo championships.

“You were. Fantastic. Keep it up and you’ll win your sixth championship next week. But, look at the time, I’m afraid I must be going.”

He instantly turned around and dashed away from them. Artemis and the rest of the Kendo Club were left baffled, but he dropped something. He was in such a rush to escape their company that he did not even notice when it fell out. Artemis picked it up and laughed humbly before putting it inside her samurai garb. She was quite use to his awkwardness and grew fond of it.

“Fantastic, huh? Thank you Jonah. I’ll be seeing you tomorrow.” She said openly and smiled before leading the rest of her club members back inside for practice.

Cupid sighed lowering his computer and watching Jonah strike out with Artemis annoyed him. The God of Love decided it was time for some divine intervention and he begins walking out of his office. He grabbed his empty quiver and all of his employees turned to face him. They knew whenever Cupid grabbed his quiver things were about to get serious.

“My arrows are in the usual spot right?” Cupid asked and one of his head secretaries walked up to him.

She had short pink hair and green eyes that looked playful. She was dressed like every employee at The Miracle Matchmaking Agency, but her suit was pink and she loved bowties. Today she was wearing a red bowtie and she had one for every color imaginable.

“Yes sir!” She said with a bright and perky smile.

“Thank you my dear, Philotes. You run things here while I’m away.”

Cupid put his dear friend Philotes in charge of running the agency and decided to personally present himself to Jonah. But, first he had to obtain his arrows from his secret base of operations and come up with a plan to get Jonah to reveal his feelings for Artemis.

The next day Jonah was on his way to school and he saw Artemis. She spotted him and walked over to him with a casual yawn. Jonah knew she was not a morning person and she had a cute routine of eating sweets for breakfast. Today Artemis was getting ready to munch on a strawberry cupcake and she was going to wash it down with chocolate milk.

“Good Morning Jonah.” She said and delicately bites into her cupcake.

“Morning Artemis. I see you’re eating desert for breakfast.” He said while slightly laughing.

The awkward silence ensues and it was like hearing crickets in an auditorium. He was turning his head and deep inside he knew conversations was not his strong suit. He smiled while rubbing the back of his head and he decided to speak once more.

“It was a silly joke and I hope I didn’t offend you. Everyone has their own interpretation to what’s a balanced breakfast.”

Artemis nodded her head in agreement and continued to eat her strawberry cupcake. Before speaking she drinks some of her chocolate milk.

“The reason I eat sweets for breakfast is because I have low blood sugar.” She finishes her cupcake and reaches inside her backpack for another one. She started to munch on that one too.

“Crap. So I did offend you.” He said while looking down at the ground and he kicked a rock.

“No, No.” Artemis said while giggling. “How could you have known about my medical condition. Besides, I eat breakfast for dinner anyway.”

She added her own sense of humor to lighten the mood between them. She assured him that she was not offend and that she thought his joke was funny.

“Listen Jonah.” She grew a little shy and dips her face into her chocolate milk.

She took a moment and paused because she wondered if she was coming on too strong. But, she had to make the offer since he could dash away at any minute. He was nervous and wondering what was she going to say.

“Is she going to ask me out?”

Jonah said internally and fantasized about him and her kissing. Then he fancied him and her going out to dinner and getting drunk on wine. Then afterwards they were heading upstairs to his room and they were kissing and nuzzling close together. He imagined her undressing when he heard her voice chiming in.

“I found your application form for the Kendo Club and I wanted to personally say I’m glad you thought about joining.”

She said and instantly crushed the fantasy that was developing in his mind. It was probably for the best because Jonah was going a little too far and it might have become noticeable.

“Oh, did you. The silly thing must of slipped out of my pocket when I ran off. Please, don’t take this the wrong way. I would never run from you, but I ran off yesterday because I might be having second thoughts about joining the club.”

He was trembling the whole time and did his best to avoid direct eye contact because he was afraid to see the look in her eyes. The last thing he wanted to do was upset her.

“That’s okay.” She winked and finished her second cupcake and chocolate milk. “I expected you to feel this way. Which is why I wanted to invite you personally and give you a complete rundown on what we do at the Kendo Club. Then you can tell me if you want to join or not, okay?”

Before he could answer or even get a chance to shy away the morning bell was ringing.

“I’ll talk to you later Jonah I have to get to class.”

Artemis had some gamesmanship inside of her and decided to flip the script. She was tired of him leaving her alone and running off. This time she leaves him alone and leaves him watching her. She was the one to scurry away for a change and she liked the feeling of authority. Now, he can feel that sudden loneliness and she leaves him alone with his thoughts. Deep down she always wondered if she was too intimidating for him and if she was scaring him away. It felt good knowing he was left thinking about her and not the other way around. She got the final say and he had to wait for the next meeting before starting up the carousal again.

“Man, that Artemis is a tough one. But, let’s face it you’re madly in love with her.” Cupid’s voice suddenly rings in and he appears behind him. He whispers in Jonah’s ear.

“What if I told you I can help you be with her?”

“I don’t know you and you don’t know her. Just back off and let me get to class.” Jonah said and begun to walk away until he felt Cupid’s hand on his chest.

“She watched Fate/Stay Night just like you did and she’s a huge Saber fan just like you are. Did you know? She hugs a cute dolphin plushie named Miami before she goes to bed. Do you want me to tell you what you do at night before you go to bed? I don’t judge, but I’d think you’d sleep better with a nice girlfriend like her.”

“Get away from me! I’m warning you. I’ll get security or a teacher right now!” Jonah smacked away Cupid’s hand and Cupid smirked.

“Go ahead. Only you can see me right now. I might add you seem kind of crazy in front of your classmates.”

Other students oblivious to what Jonah was seeing look at him and they were concerned. It appeared that he was yelling into the wind and they all started to distance themselves from him. Class was about three minutes away and the courtyard entrance to the school was clearing out. Students started to make their way inside the building and with one minute to spare everyone was inside. Jonah was left alone with Cupid.

“You’re the one with the love problem and only hopeless lovers can see me because my job is to help people like you.” Cupid added.

“Who are you?” Jonah asked and got ready to run away.

“I’m Cupid and here’s my card pal.” Cupid handed him his business card and Jonah started reading it aloud.

“Cupid: The God of Love. CEO and President of The Miracle Matchmaking Agency. Remember: Love flies true and like an arrow it will never lead you astray.”

Jonah then sees the phone number to call the Agency and it was 1-800-HUG-KISS. He even had the website on his business card and that made Jonah feel even more uncomfortable. He had enough and decided to make a dash for the building. But, before he could make it to the entrance he was shot down with an arrow, and Cupid sighed before picking him up.

“Don’t take it personally. I’m doing my job and when you wake up you’ll be in for a surprise.”

He takes him to his secret base of operations which was an abandoned bakery. Of course, Cupid made the proper modifications and turned the abandoned bakery into a place where he mass produced his signature arrows. Jonah was slowly regaining his consciousness and within his blurred vision he saw a proud Saber. He shook his head and thought maybe he was dreaming, but when he fully regained consciousness there she was. Saber from Fate/Stay Night was standing with Excalibur hoisted high over her head and from pure shock he fainted.