Anime heroines typically are meant to work their way up. They get their respect the hard way and are not afraid to fight like the boys or against them. They achieve their status after defeating a fierce villain, getting through trials and tribulations, and fighting for the people they love. We can recognize this formula anywhere. However, this seems a bit predictable and there seems to be a demand for something new.

Key elements that you find in every Anime heroine include:


I have composed my own personal Mount Rushmore of Anime heroines. This Mount Rushmore is meant to commemorate these heroines who endured the tests of time. They achieved heroine status by embodying the elements to the fullest.

Lina Inverse is a traveler and sorceress. She earned her status as a heroine through countless adventures that made up the Slayers trilogy. She made magic in the 90’s cool, and brought a signature attitude that was all about girl power. (Slayers) (Slayers Next) (Slayers Try)

Everyone knows Sailor Moon the leader of the Sailor Scouts and with the power of the moon she will punish you. She defeated countless threats to the world to become one of the most popular heroines of the 90’s. (Sailor Moon)

Utena Tenjou, is your tomboy heroine and she becomes the prince who has to save the princess. She is another anime heroine of the 90’s and she shattered gender roles while fighting for the Rose Bride. (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

Belldandy is the sweet and polite heroine who is a gift from the heavens. She is one of the most popular heroines of the 2000’s with the perfection that only a Goddess can have. She learned how to love despite being a Goddess. (Ah! My Goddess)

To me, these four revolutionized not only Anime, but set the standard for Anime heroines.

However, Kurokami Medaka (Medaka Box) (Medaka Box Abnormal) shatters the mold and truly earns the title of Abnormal.

The Anime heroine has not been preeminent since the mid to late 90’s and early 2000’s. Sure, you can name a few bright spots like Yucie, Canaan, and Madlax. However, Medaka brings a new way of looking at the formula. She does not have to work her way up, because she is a human who has all the key elements from the start. She is not a perfect Goddess like Belldandy who needs to learn how to love either.

Medaka truly is abnormal, in both the anime and when categorizing her as the new face of Anime heroines. She is at the top with all the power in the world and she chooses to help others.

Medaka is a refreshing look at Anime heroines and she does not follow the formula. Medaka gives us the ability to believe that everyone can be good which is something new.

Medaka certainly brings up the possibility of bringing a new wave of Anime heroines. This new wave will honor past heroines, but elevate them beyond their male counterparts.

The old formula deserves much praise and the four I have mentioned deserves their place in history. But, Medaka has everything a heroine needs, and her challenge is how she can help others. Everyone around her needs to be better and that is why she became student council president. She created the Medaka Box which allows her to answer the problems of all students.

Medaka believes everyone has innate goodness and her purpose in life is to help people. She wants to love everyone simply because she is a loving person. Everyone is drawn to her and she carries the weight of Sandbox Academy on her shoulders. When fighting enemies her objective is not to achieve victory, incapacitate, or kill. Rather, she believes that she can reform her enemies and make them into better people.

One of the purest forms of strength, Kurokami Medaka in her “War-God Mode.”

She will unleash this mode only when she loses all composure, and if someone hurts her friends, her rage is triggered.

But, don’t be fooled. All this strength does not make everything right. In the past a super mode like this meant all the elements of a heroine came together. If this was the old formula Medaka in her War-God mode would have been at her highest point like Son Goku’s Super Saiyan mode.

On the contrary, despite being super strong, she is brought to her weakest point when she is in her War-God mode. When Medaka is in this mode it means she has been rattled and she has failed to protect her friends from harm. Yes, while she is super strong, it’s strength meant to exact vengeance, and vengeance is contrary to what she believes in. There is nothing good that can come from this form, if she is resorting to kill someone. She does not like violence and she rather solve problems peacefully. Medaka’s real power is the fact that she is a natural humanitarian who can never be selfish.

Medaka is an ambassador for a new breed of heroines and future anime shows can explore deconstructing a heroine instead of constructing one. Who says the heroine has to struggle climbing to the summit? Rather, let’s start at the summit and work our way down. Have our new heroine become like the rest of us. In order to help everyone, Medaka first has to see how life is like for the normal student. Unlike the old formula where everyone wanted to understand the heroine, this new formula has the heroine trying to understand everyone, in order to elevate them to their best.

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